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NSD 2014 Topic Analysis

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                The National Symposium for Debate jettisoned the traditional, lecture-based, resolutional analysis lecture and replaced it with an online discussion. In this video, three NSD staffers- Bob Overing, Daiya Massac, and Ryan Teehan- … Continued


NSD 2014 Camp Topic Announced

The NSD 2014 Camp Topic will be “Justice requires reparations to Black Americans.” Students are encouraged to write aff and neg cases prior to camp, though  they need not be perfect nor are they mandatory.


Lawrence Zhou Wins the 2014 NSDA National Tournament

Kansas- Congratulations to Bartlesville’s Lawrence Zhou and Norman’s Nicky Halterman for reaching the final round of the 2014 NSD National Tournament. The decision was an 8-7 for Bartlesville. Congratulations to both finalists! Places 1) Lawrence Zhou- Bartlesville (OK) 2) Nicky … Continued


What Should Be the NSD Camp Topic?

NSD is currently deciding what the NSD camp topic will be. What do you think and why? NSD will consult the result of the poll but may not decide exactly as the poll concludes