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The 2016 Bid List (Harvard-Westlake, Lexington, Federal Way, University)


70 Debaters are now fully qualified. 53 debaters have one bid. Congratulations to Zoe Posner, Steve Goldware, Frances Zhuang, and Niko Battle for completing their quals! 9 Bids-  Raffi Piliero- Harrison (Greenhill, Valley, Bronx, Apple Valley, Scarsdale, Glenbrooks, Princeton, Newark, Harvard-Westlake)   7 Bids Jonas Le Barillec- Peninsula (Greenhill, Voices, St. Mark’s …

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Harrison’s Raffi Piliero Wins the 2017 Newark Tournament


Congratulations to Harrison’s Raffi Piliero and Lexington’s Kaushal Balagurusamy for making it to the final round of the 2017 Newark Tournament. In lieu of a final round due to scheduling, Raffi was declared the champion. Congratulations to both! Raffi was also the top speaker. He is coached by Bennett Eckert …

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Sekou Cisse Wins the 2016 Newark Round Robin


Congratulations to Dulles’ Ashish Wadhwani and Success Academy’s Sekou Cisse for making it to the final round of the 2016 Newark Round Robin. On a 5-0 decision, Sekou was declared the champion. Congratulations again to both! Congratulations as well to Newark Science’s Brianna Aaron, who was the top speaker.   …

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Harrison’s Lauren Cole Wins the 2016 Ridge Debates


Congratulations to Harrison’s Lauren Cole and Newark Science’s David Asafu-Adjaye for making it to the final round of the 2016 Ridge Debates. In a delayed final round, Lauren was declared the champion. Congratulations to both! Lauren is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Bennett Eckert. Stuyvesant’s Pacy Yan was the top …

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A Pessimistic View of Norms in LD by Salim Damerdji


Many LDers believe that the activity improves with time. The conventional wisdom goes something like this: All else equal, a true argument beats out a false argument in round. Debaters copy and comply with good norms since it’s easier to win theory and K debates when you’re on the right …

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The National Symposium for Debate Announces Summer 2017 Dates


The National Symposium for Debate is excited to announce its 2017 summer offerings. All information can be found here: This summer NSD will host 4 summer institutes. The NSD Flagship Session will be held at the University of Minnesota from June 25 to July 15 Executive Director: Tom Evnen …

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MSJ’s Lavanya Singh Wins the 2016 College Prep Invitational


Congratulations to Harvard-Westlake’s Evan Engel and Mission San Jose Lavanya Singh for making it to the final round. On a 2-1 decision, Lavanya was declared the champion. Congratulations to both! Connor Engel was the top speaker. Congratulations to all!   Double-Octafinals (1) HW EE def. (32) Harker KS (Kelly Shen) …

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Lake Highland’s Muhammad Khattak Wins the 2016 Strake Jesuit Tournament


Congratulations to Lake Highland’s Muhammad Khattak and North Crowley’s Logan Reed for making it to finals of the Strake Jesuit LD Tournament. On a 2-1 decision, Muhammad was declared the victor. Congratulations to both! Doubles (16) Christopher Columbus JN def. (17) Clements AC (Alexandre Chaumette) (Evnen, Sasso, *Sharma)   Octafinals …

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WDM Valley Super Closes Out the 2016 Dowling Catholic Paradigm


Congratulations to West Des Moines Valley on a super close out at the 2016 Dowling Catholic Paradigm. Valley is coached by Dave McGinnis, Leah Shapiro, Christian Tarsney, and Isis Davis-Marks. Run-Off Millard North TQ def. Evanston HS (Henry Smith) (White, Power, *Shmikler) Valley CR def. Jefferson City MM (Michael Manda) …

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La Canada’s Alex Zhao Wins the 2016 Blake Tournament


Congratulations to La Canada’s Alex Zhao and Valley’s TJ Foley for making it to the final round of the 2016 John Edie Blake Holiday Classic. On a 2-1 decision, Alex was declared the champion. TJ was also the top speaker. Congratulations to both! Triples (30) Valley BG def. (35) Appleton …

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Ashish Wadhwani Wins the 2016 Isidore Newman Invitational


Congratulations to Cypress Woods’ Chakra Jonnalagadda and Dulles’ Ashish Wahdwani for making it to the final round of the 2016 Isidore Newman Invitational. On a 2-1 decision, Ashish was declared the champion. Congrats to both! Octafinals (1) St Andrew’s Episcopal IB def. (16) Cabot BG (Briana Griffin) (Koshak, Kueffner, *Shields) …

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