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In Defense of Topical Switch-Side Debate


Requiring debaters to debate the resolution isn’t unfairly exclusionary, nor does it preclude critical advocacies by Dave McGinnis Lincoln-Douglas debaters should be required to defend the truth of the resolution when they affirm, and to argue the falsity of the … Continued


The New Impact-Justified Standards


by Emily Massey When I debated five years ago, it was common to hear frameworks like this: “The standard is minimizing terrorism. Terrorism kills [#] people every year, making it the largest threat to civilians worldwide. Terrorism destabilizes the international community, … Continued


Trent Gilbert wins Iowa Caucus

Iowa Caucus Champs

Cedar Rapids, IA Valley High School’s Trent Gilbert defeated Barrington High School’s Sienna Nordquist to win the 2014 Iowa Caucus tournament, hosted by Cedar Rapids Washington High School. Trent is coached by Christian Tarsney, Lucy Korsakov and Leah Shapiro. Sienna … Continued


Varun Bhave wins The New York City Invitational


Brentwood MR vs Newark Science AF (Elisetty, Dunay, DeBois) Walt Whitman SCa vs Lake Highland RS (Legried, Traber, Prasad) Grapevine AY vs Brentwood JC (Traber, Koh, Tarsney) Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches NV vs WDM Valley GS (Thaler, Cha, … Continued