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Glenbrooks Results

Glenbrooks Logo

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert and Harrison’s Sarah Ryan on making finals of the 2015 Glenbrook Speech & Debate Tournament. Bennett defeated Sarah on a 3-0 decision (Pak, Taylor, Fakorede). Sarah is coached by Chetan Hertzig, Christian Quiroz and Marshall Thompson and Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, and ...

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Scarsdale Results

Dale Finals (2)

Congratulations to Byram’s Paul Erlanger and Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor on making it to finals of the 12th Scarsdale Invitational.  Neal defeated Paul on a 3-0 decision (Davis, Massac, Gorthey).  Paul is coached by Emil Moussa, Chris Kymn, Ben Ulene, Carolyn Lau, and Ben Koh and Neal is coached by George ...

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Greenhill’s Eckert defeats Valley’s Gilbert in Minneapple final


    Congratulations to WDM Valley’s Trent Gilbert and Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert on making finals of the MinneApple Debate Tournament.  Bennett defeated Trent on a 3-0 decision (Hoffa, Miller-Melin, Tartakovsky). Full results: Double Octofinals Harrison EA defeats Cedar Park MG (Morgan Grosch) Greenhill GB defeats Lake Highland AA (Ari Azbel) ...

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Blue Key Results

Blue Key Finals

Congratulations to Lake Highland’s Krupali Patel and Ari Azbel for closing out the 2015 Blue Key Tournament.  Ari defeated North Allegheny’s Gabe Ren (Ave, Laverty, Maude) and Krupali defeated Heritage’s David Min (Evnen, Joannides*, Yoakum) in semis.  Ari also went the whole tournament without dropping a ballot.  Ari and Krupali are ...

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Slaying the Dragon: An Argument Against Out-of-Round Theory


Slaying the Dragon: An Argument Against Out-of-Round Theory by Chris Kymn Opening Remarks I’ll try to show that out-of-round theory arguments (including, but not limited to disclosure theory[i]) are specious and explain where they go astray. In doing so, I hope to (1) aid debaters in answering such theory arguments ...

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Shivane Wins Bronx!


Congratulations to Mission San Jose’s Shivane Sabharwal for defeating Harrison’s Sarah Ryan on a 3-2 decision to win the 2015 New York City Invitational (Traber, Pregasen, Azbel, Horowitz*, Nebel*)! Shivane is coached by Michael Harris and Tom Kadie. Sarah is coached by Chetan Hertzig, Christian Quiroz and Marshall Thompson. Full ...

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Bronx Round Robin Results


Congratulations to Bronx Round Robin champion Amit Kukreja (9-3 in ballot count) and runner-up Achal Srinivasan (7-5 in ballot count). Amit Kukreja attends Newark Science High School and is coached by Jonathan Alston, Chris Randall and Dr. Tommy J. Curry. Achal attends Lexington High School and is coached by Sheryl ...

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Conor Downey Wins St. James!


Congratulations to Grady CD for defeating Holy Cross RS on a 3-0 in the final round of St. James. St. James is a finals bid to the TOC. Conor is coached by Lucas Bailey and Mario Herrera. Roshan is coached by Byron Arthur, Chris Vincent and Warren Johnson.

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Alex Zhao Wins Voices!


Congratulations to La Canada’s Alex Zhao for defeating Crossroads’ Noah Simon on a 2-1 decision (Knell, Pyda, Newkirk*) to win the 2015 Voices Foundation Invitational. Noah is coached by Leah Shapiro Alex is coached by Scott Wheeler, Akhil Jalan, Akash Gogate, Arjun Tambe and Susan Moore. Full results can be ...

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An Outsider’s Manual to Kritiks (Part 1) by Salim Damerdji

Salim Pic

AN OUTSIDER’S MANUAL TO KRITIKS Part 1: Three Role of the Ballot Arguments Intro It seems like we’ve gotten to a point where the largest ideological divide in the national circuit can roughly be approximated by divergent views of Kritiks[1]. In elimination rounds especially, many judges are considered instant losses ...

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Crestian Results

Crestian Finalis (2)

Congratulations to University School’s Karan Choudhary Pembroke Pines’ Jordan Farenhem for making it to finals of the 2015 Crestian Tradition. Karan defeated Jordan on a 3-0 decision (Ramputh, Ortega, Jayaraman).

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2015-2016 Bid List


Here is where we will be keeping track of the bidlist for the 2015/2016 season. Congratulations to everyone who earned a bid/bids so far! And here is the bidlist by schools: Total Full Bids 330 Full Bids Remaining 170 Total Full and Ghost 340 Percent Full Remaining 51.5% Automatic Qualifiers: Jake ...

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Valley Results

Valley Finals

Congratulations to Hunter College’s Nina Potischman for defeating Crossroads’ Noah Simon on a 2-1 decision (Evnen*, Sigalow, Wright) in finals of WDM Valley’s Mid America Cup!

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Valley Round Robin Results


Congratulations to Hunter College’s Nina Potischman for defeating Crossroads’ Noah Simon on a 3-2 decision (Evnen, Lonam, Kaczmarek, Ditzian*, Biel*) Congratulations also to Lake Highland’s Muhammad Khattak for defeating Servite High School’s Patrick Aimone. (Krell, Morris, Scorpiniti, Smith, White).

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