Strake Closes Out Grapevine

Strake Jesuit College Preparatory’s John Heizelman and Drew McCormick are co-champions of this year’s Grapevine Classic. John coached over teammate Clay Spence in semis, while Drew defeated Greenhill’s Farhan Damani. Congratulations to team Strake Jesuit!


John Heizelman and Drew McCormick


1. Strake Jesuit JH closes out with 3. Strake Jesuit DM


1. Strake Jesuit JH over 4. Strake Jesuit CS (Clay Spence)

3. Strake Jesuit DM def. 2. Greenhill FD (Farhan Damani)


Greenhill FD over Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)

Strake Jesuit DM def. Cypress Falls BH (Brian Hodge)

Strake Jesuit JD over Strake Jesuit CS (Clay Spence)

Strake Jesuit JH def. Dulles AK (Amyn Kassam)


Cypress Falls BH def. Marcus MH (Michael Harris)

Dulles AK def. Greenhill BW (Brian Wiora)

Greenhill FD def. Reagan RP (Rodrigo Paramo)

Greenhill RK def. Hockaday MC (Mollie Cowger)

Strake Jesuit DM def. Flower Mound CH(Chase Hamilton)

Strake Jesuit CS def. Palo Alto AC (Alex Carter)

Strake Jesuit JD def. Winston Churchill AW (Allie Woodhouse)

Strake Jesuit JH def. Northland Christian RD (Robbie Dillard)


Winston Churchill AW over Winston Churchill MV

Strake Jesuit JH def. Brentwood MS

Greenhill FD def. Hockaday EB

Strake Jesuit DM def. Reagan CW

Strake Jesuit JD def. Crowley AP

Strake Jesuit CS def. Hockaday AP

Cypress Falls BH def. Keller TF

Greenhill RK def. Keller KS

Dulles AK def. Northland Christian ML

Greenhill BW def. Strake Jesuit WK

Hockaday MC def. Westwood DE

Marcus MH def. Cypress Woods MF

Palo Alto AC def. Strake Jesuit SS

Flower Mound CH def. Cypress Woods TJ

Reagan RP def. Stony Point SW

Northland Christian RD def. Strake Jesuit CD


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 Thanks to Allie Woodhouse for the results and to Chris Castillo for the featured pic.