Harker Live Coverage


San Jose, CA —

In Finals Aliso Niguel RG defeated Loyola BO on a 2-1 decision (Yanofsky, Lawrence, Zerbib-Berta*), congratulations to both debaters! Regan is coached by Jason Zhou and Cole Oliver. Bob is coached by Michael Overing, John Scoggin, Ashan Peiris, Corbin Cass, and Alex Zimmerman.



HW BG def Lynbrook HZ (Newkirik, Aldrete, Pielstick)

Loyola MH def Mira Loma VM (Lawrence, Kumar, Zerbib-Berta)

Loyola BO def HW TC (Lawrence, Aldete, Kumar)

Aliso Niguel RG def Loyola TP (Zerbib-Berta, Schletzbaum, Yanofsky)

James Logan ZY def Los Altos SD (Savage, Yanofsky, Baskind)

Loyola JS over Loyola EK

Lynbrook KT over Lynbrook VJ

HW AB over HW MC




Loyola BO def HW AB (Adrete*, Lawrence, Kumar)

Loyola MH def James Logan ZY (Zerbib-Berta, Yanofsky, Buniel)

Lynbrook KT def HW BG (Scoggin, Kumar, Newkirk)

Aliso Niguel RG deg Loyola JS (Lawrence, Zerbib-Berta, Yanofsky)



Loyola BO def Lynbrook KT (Zerbib-Berta, Wu, Yanofsky)

Aliso Niguel RG def Loyola MH (Kumar, Lawrence, Wu)



Aliso Niguel RG def Loyola BO (Yanofsky, Lawrence, Zerbib-Berta*)


  • Kelsey Glenn

    Finals: Aliso Niguel RG def. Loyola BO (Zerbib-Berta*, Lawrence, Yanofsky)

  • Congrats to Regan on the win!!!

  • Kelsey Glenn

    Huge shoutout to James Logan ZY, Zong Yang Huang. First the bid round, then the world.

  • Loyola BO def. Harvard Westlake AB, Loyola MH def. James Logan ZY, Aliso Niguel RG def. Loyola JS in quarters. Loyola EK was walked over and TP dropped in octas.  

  • Anonymous

    Salim, you got this!

  • Get that bid Regan, you’re a beast 

  • Daniel Moerner

    Los Altos SD def. St. Francis AV