Jack Seigel Wins Ohio Valley

LEXINGTON, KY–Parkway West’s Jack Seigel is champion of Ohio Valley, having defeated Mountain Brook’s Alex Cordover in the final round. The tournament is a semifinals bid in LD.


16) Mountain Brook HS def. 1) duPont Manual MB (Marie Bissell)
2) McDowell GS def. 15) duPont Manual KG (Kate Garrett)
3) Parkway West JS def. 14) Parkway West JW (James Wang)
4) Jackson JR def. 13) Mountain Brook AP (Amelia Putnam)
12) Mountain Brook IZ def. 5) Johns Creek BM (Brandon Motter)
6) Pembroke Hill DR over 11) Pembroke Hill HK (Harneet Kaur)
7) Henry Clay BS def. 10 ) Mountain Brook SY (Stephen Yin)
9) Mountain Brook AC def. Cathedral Prep BS (Ben Slomski)


3) Parkway West JS def. 6) Pembroke Hill DR (Daryl Rosenblum)
4) Jackson JR def. 12) Mountain Brook IZ (Irene Zhang)
7) Henry Clay BS def. 2) McDowell GS (Griffin Stewart)
9) Mountain Brook AC over 16) Mountain Brook HS (Haley Siddall)


3) Parkway West JS def. 7) Henry Clay BS (Ben Swanson)
9) Mountain Brook AC def. 4) Jackson JR (Jayasai Rajagopal)


3) Parkway West JR def. 9) Mountain Brook AC (Alex Cordover)


3) Parkway West JS (Jack Seigel)


1) Griffin Stewart
2) Jack Seigel
3) Jayasai Rajagopal
4) Brandon Motter
5) Daryl Rosenblum
6) Harneet Kuar
7) Irene Zhang
8) Ben Swanson
9) Ben Slomski
10) Amelia Putnam