Jan/Feb 2012: debateaction.org

UPDATE: The NFL has replied to Mike Bietz’s letter and has declined to change the topic. Mike is awaiting a response from the NDCA Tournament Director.

Since the NFL announced the selection of the January/February resolution, a lot of discussion has occurred about what effect this topic might have on the victims of domestic abuse. Much of this discussion stemmed from a blog post from Chris Palmer, that I would encourage everyone to read if they have not already done so: http://www.azuen.net/2011/12/02/the-silent/. A new website, debateaction.org, has been created to draw awareness to how the issue of domestic violence could impact debate rounds. I strongly encourage anyone who cares about this issue to visit the website and to show your support.

John Scoggin

(Note: the article reflects the opinion of the author and not NSD as a whole)