University Closes Out Dowling Catholic and RR

Des Moines, IA — University’s Michael Fried and Josh Tupler are co-champions of the Dowling Catholic Paradigm. Michael and Josh also closed out the tournament’s round robin earlier this week. They are coached by Steve Schappaugh, Ross Brown, Ernie Rose, Tom Evnen, Josh Sherman, and Bradley Hicks.

University MF and University JT close out

University MF d Ankeny GL
University JT d Hockaday KQ

Ankeny GL d SLP RS (Richard Schmickler)
University JT d Lake Highland TL (Terrence Lonam)
University MF d Park Hill South MB (Maisie Baldwin)
Hockaday KQ d Valley MS (Moses Sloven)

Ankeny GL v. Valley JS (Flip)
Hockaday KQ v. Valley MN (Flip)
Lake Highland JA v. Park Hill South MB (Flip)
SLP LS v. Lake Highland TL (Flip)
SLP RS v. George Washington MZ (Flip)
University JT v. Hopkins AT (Flip)
University MF v. Barrington IY (Flip)
Valley MS v. Barrington EB (Flip)

University MF advances
Valley MS advances
SLP LS v. Eagan AF (Flip)
Bettendorf EH v. Hopkins AT (Flip)
George Washington MZ v. Okoboji JA (Flip)
University JT v. Okoboji CE
Lake Highland TL v. SLP DC (Flip)
Ankeny GL v. Ankeny AH
University HS v. Park Hill South MB (Flip)
Valley MN v. Ankeny AZ (Flip)
Lake Highland JA v. Barrington SM (Flip)
Sioux Falls Lincoln TW v. Barrington IY (Flip)
Hockaday KQ v. Des Moines Roosevelt SG (Flip)
Barrington EB v. Lake Highland SA (Flip)
SLP RS v. Hopkins CK (Flip)
Valley JS v. Hopkins MB (Flip)


1-Mike Fried (University School, FL)
2-Moses Sloven (Valley High School, IA)
3-Josh Tupler (University School, FL)

NSD Update is providing coverage of the 2011 Dowling Catholic Paradigm. Pairings are available online at the tournament’s Warm Room [Link].