Grant Weisberg and Danny DeBois are Co-Champs of Hen Hud

MONTROSE, NY—Stuyvesant’s Grant Weisberg and Harrison’s Danny DeBois are co-champions of the Malcolm A. Bump Invitational at Hendrick Hudson. Grant coached over his teammate, Andrew Eckholm, in semifinals; Danny coached over his teammate, Ally Brabant. No final round was held. Grant is coached by Julie Sheinman and Craig Gilbert; Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig.

Bronx Science SS advances without debating

Byram Hills SC advances without debating

Harrison AB advances without debating

Harrison DD advances without debating

Scarsdale AD advances without debating

Scarsdale BF advances without debating

Stuyvesant AE advances without debating

Stuyvesant GW advances without debating

Benjamin N Corodozo SC def. Bronx Science AH (Albert Han)

Bronx Science TM def. Fordham Prep DJ (David Joannides)

Byram Hills DD def. Chelmsford AB (Arjun Balaji)

Byram Hills JA def. Regis CL (Chris Luccarelli)

Harrison CL def. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue)

Scarsdale ZE def. Ridge HW (Howard Wei)

Scarsdale LM def. Newark Science AW (Alexa White)

Stuyvesant EH def. Monticello KD (Kristen Druse)

(1) Stuyvesant GW def. (17) Scarsdale ZE (Zach Edelman)

(2) Harrison DD def. (15) Benjamin N Cordozo SC (Sijin Choi)

(3) Harrison AB def. (14) Byram Hills DD (Dani Dinstein)

(4) Stuyvesant AE def. (13) Bronx Science TM (Tyler Morris)

(5) Scarsdale BF def. (12) Byram Hills JA (Josh Altman)

(6) Byram Hills SC def. (11) Scarsdale LM (Larry Milstein)

(7) Scarsdale AD def. (10) Harrison CL (Christina Loguidice)

(9) Stuyvesant EH def. (8) Bronx Science SS (Shai Szulanski)

(1) Stuyvesant GW over (9) Stuyvesant EH (Eric Han)

(2) Harrison DD def. (7) Scarsdale AD (Alon Daks)

(3) Harrison AB  def. (6) Byram Hills SC (Sammi Cannold)

(4) Stuyvesant AE def. (5) Scarsdale BF (Ben Fife)

(1) Stuyvesant GW over (4) Stuyvesant AE (Andrew Eckholm)

(2) Harrison DD over (3) Harrison AB (Ally Brabant)

(1) Stuyvesant GW (Grant Weisberg)
(2) Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)