Rebecca Kuang Wins Hockaday

DALLAS, TX—Greenhill’s Rebecca Kuang is Champion of the 2011 Hockadebate Invitational, having defeated Keller’s Travis Fife on a 2-1 decision in the final round. The round was adjudicated by Dylan Cavanaugh, Katie Dessi, and John Sims (Cavanaugh dissented). Congratulations to both debaters! Rebecca is coached by Aaron Timmons, Neil Conrad, and Jake Nebel; Travis is coached by Rhianna Anglin and Barrett Rowston.

Marcus MH def. Colleyville Heritage LI

Law Magnet KA def. Greenhill BW

Greenhill JE def. Plano West TM

Greenhill RK def. Southlake Carroll MK

Keller KS def. Marcus JK

Keller TF def. Trinity Valley PK

Greenhill FD def. Marcus TD

Marcus DB def. Plano West KF


Greenhill RK def. Keller KS
3-0 (Wright, Dessi, Cavanaugh)

Keller TF def. Greenhill JE
2-1 (*Chalmers, Tarsney, Mashburn)

Greenhill RK def. Keller TF
2-1 (*Cavanaugh, Sims, Dessi)