MBA Round Robin Field Released

Adam Johnson, Round Robin Director at Montgomery Bell Academy, has released the pool for the 2012 iteration. In 2010, they named the tournament to honor the memory of long time Battle Ground Academy (TN) coach Sandra W. Davis. Sandra passed away in the Summer of 2009 and they aspire to hold a tournament that lives up to the lofty standards Sandra set for herself.

Here is the field:

Tom Cameron – Loyola Blakefield High School
Farhan Damani – Greenhill School
Stephanie Franklin – Walt Whitman High School
John Heizelman – Strake Jesuit
Jim Huang – New Orleans Jesuit
Geoffrey Kristof – Scarsdale High School
Drew McCormick – Strake Jesuit
Nikhil Nag – Mountain View High School
Bob Overing – Loyola High School
Jacob Pritt – New Orleans Jesuit
Noah Star – Lexington High School
Daniel Tartakovsky – Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

The tournament will feature eleven rounds of competition with each debater competing against the entire field. The top two competitors, determined by ballot count, will advance to an exhibition round. The champion, however, will be determined by ballot count through the eleven rounds.

Best of luck to all competitors.

  • 58 posts on topic selection, 10 posts on gender inequity in invitations to one of the nation’s top round robins, glad to see the debate community has its priorities straight!

    • to be fair half of those are just adler and ross

    • john, i agree. as chris noted below, there were clearly a number of deserving females candidates this year – juliet, mollie, sarah, paige, michelle, etc. – but only one received an invite to MBA. 

      it’s not just this particular tournament; girls are consistently overlooked mostly everywhere, and this pernicious trend has persisted for at least the ten years i’ve been in the community. it’s not my place to tell a tournament how to select its field, but female coaches don’t remain in the activity as long as men, and the few that do should probably be asked to provide input.

  • I know it is there party they get to invite who they want to blah blah blah, but this seems like a major oversight to me. Given how much attention this issue has received lately I would think the tournament would be sensitive to these concerns and at least make an effort. I do not want to bash anyone on the list because they are all obviously successful but I can definitely think of 4-5 girls with at least as much, if not more competitive success this season….

  • this photo makes me miss the class of 2011: 
    the triplets front and center! BOAT next to Hutt Zimm in the back! JROB! MARSHALL! GINGERS! SUCS! HW! Pgraham with awesome kicks and the Christmas sweater! i’m starting to sound like dick vitale…

    • And Dylan with his incredible voice! Never an afterthought…

    • Rebar Niemi

      this is an awesome comment. i love hutt parker. don’t forget dylan “psycho d” scher.

      • Rebar Niemi

        YEEA BABY.

  • Rebar Niemi

    it’s pretty shocking that say… sarah sachs who won an octas bid tournament wasn’t invited. 

  • Anonymous

    only one girl in the field. yikes.

    • I was under the impression that other girls were invited, but denied the invitation. maybe i’m crazy though

      • 2 years running.

        • From talking to people, it seems only one invite went out to a girl, but I could be mistaken. It’s pretty disappointing to see one girl in the field for two years in a row. Does someone have an explanation? I thought there was a pretty big community consensus that female representation matters, especially when there’s no tradeoff.