Nikhil Nag K.O.s Meadows

Las Vegas, NV —

Outrounds are underway:




CPS SS def Pflugerville TH (Willoughby, Moerner, Timmons)

Harvard Westlake BG def Loyola MH (Kumar, Meyers, Lawrence)

Greenhill FD over Greenhill RK

Harvard Westlake MO def Torrey Pines EL (Willoughby, Anderson, Overing)

Mountain View NN def La Costa Canyon BC (Anderson, Lawrence, Torson)

Loyola TP def Harvard Westlake AK (Lamothe, Gappmeyer, Achten)

Loyola BO def CPS PM (Gappmeyer, Jih, Lamothe)

Aliso Niguel RG def Keller BJ (Torson, Peilstick, Melin)




Aliso Niguel RG def CPS SS (Moerner, Torson, Pielstick) 3-0

Loyola TP def Greenhill FD (Rowston, Gappmeyer, Willoughby) 2-1

Loyola BO def Harvard Westlake BG (Meyers, Lamothe, Kumar) 3-0

Mountain View NN def Harvard Westlake MO (Overing, Socolof, Scoggin) 3-0




(1) Loyola BO def (5) Aliso Niguel RG (Moerner, Anderson, Lamothe) 3-0

(2) Mountain View NN def (6) Loyola TP (Traber, Kumar, Coltin*) 2-1



(2) Mountain View NN d (1) Loyola BO (Traber, Meyers, Coltin*) 2-1

  • Shout out to Braden James reppin hard on the bid round for keller debate

  • Results packet:

    Elim Results:

  • Rebar Niemi

    looks like that trophy got even better. daym.


  • LOL @ the pic 

  • Daniel Moerner

    Mountain View NN – 4-0
    Los Altos SB – 4-0