Grant Weisberg wins the Beltway


(1) New Orleans Jesuit JP def. (16) Bronx Science TB (Thomas Berruti)
3-0 (Jonathan Massey, Ari Parker, Michael Hassin)
(2) New Orleans Jesuit JH def. (15) University SJ (Saahil Jain)
3-0 (Larry Liu, Christian Tarsney, Charles Chy)
(3) Strake Jesuit JH def. (14) Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene)
3-0 (Larry Liu, Jeff Liu, Alex Zimmerman)
(4) Stuyvesant AE over (13) Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom)
(5) Stuyvesant GW def. (12) Lakes JH (Jay Howard)
2-1 (*Jeff Liu, Sonia Vora, Alex Zimmerman)
(6) Carpe Diem JM def. (11) Scarsdale GR (Grant Reiter)
3-0 (Connor Acle, Christian Tarsney, Sonia Vora)
(7) Millburn YY def. (10) Beacon NS (Natalia Sucher)
3-0 (Sophie Ruff, Justin Pearce, Oliver Roth)
(9) Scarsdale SN def. (8) Suncoast Community CB (Carlton Bone)
2-1 (Sophie Ruff, Justin Pearce, *Charles Chy)

(9) Scarsdale SN def. (1) New Orleans Jesuit JP (Jacob Pritt)
2-1 (Larry Liu, Jeff Liu, *Michael Hassin)
(2) New Orleans Jesuit JH vs. (7) Millburn YY (Yang Yi)
3-0 (Charles Chy, Sophie Ruff, Ari Parker)
(3) Strake Jesuit JH vs. (6) Carpe Diem JM (Joseph Millman)
3-0 (Connor Acle, Christian Tarsney, Alex Zimmerman)
(5) Stuyvesant GW over (4) Stuyvesant AE (Andrew Eckholm)


(5) Stuyvesant GW def. (9) Scarsdale SN (Sam Natbony)

3-0 (Acle, Parker, Pearce)

(3) Strake Jesuit JH def. (2) New Orleans Jesuit JH (Jim Huang)

2-1 (Jeff Liu, Larry Liu, Tarsney*)


(5) Stuyvesant GW def. Strake Jesuit JH (John Heizelman)

2-1 (Acle, Jeff Liu, *Tarsney)

CHAMPION: Grant Weisberg

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaker Awards

1. New Orleans Jesuit High School (LA) — Jacob Pritt
2. New Orleans Jesuit High School (LA) — Jim Huang
3. Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School (TX) — John Heizelman
4. Stuyvesant High School (NY) — Grant Weisberg
5. Stuyvesant High School (NY) — Andrew Eckholm
6. Suncoast Community High School (FL) — Carlton Bone
7. Carpe Diem (NJ) — Joseph Millman
8. Millburn High School (NJ) — Yang Yi
9. Scarsdale High School (NY) — Sam Natbony
10. The Beacon School (NY) — Natalia Sucher

Beltway Halloween Costume Competition

Thomas Aquinas (John Heizelman) and Lexington’s Noah Star (Grant Weisberg) made cameo appearances. While Noah did not win top speaker, he did take home ten free (expired) Starbucks certificates for winning second best costume.

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