NSD Update Live Results: Noah Star wins Greenhill



Dallas, TX – Lexington High School’s Noah Star is the champion of the twenty-fifth annual Greenhill Fall Classic, having defeated University School’s Mike Fried on a 3-0 decision in the final round.

Noah is coached by Sara Sanchez, Chris Palmer, and Steven Adler; Mike is coached by Steve Schappaugh, Ross Brown, Ernie Rose, Tom Evnen, Josh Sherman, and Bradley Hicks.


UPDATE: Doubles are posted below!

UPDATE: Pairings are posted on the Joy of Tournaments warm room: http://bit.ly/phRSp9

DALLAS, TX – Reporting live from the Greenhill School, various NSDUpdate staffers will be updating results live via Twitter. Come back to this page to get official results posted in addition to live updates from our contributors and fellow debaters via Twitter. Remember to use the hashtag #ghill2011 when replying to @NSD_Update to report in live results!

Round 4:

Round 3:

Round 2:

Round 1:

There are rumors that Warm Room has some inaccuracies. I’ve noted in the past that it sometimes gets flighting wrong. I don’t know if these rumors are true, but it might be a good idea to check your Warm Room posting against a paper pairing before heading to round.

  • when will people realize the problem isn’t the 1ar but the 2ar…

    i know this topic accounts for some of the skew, just like jan/feb last year, but there’s a serious structural skew, too.

    • Anonymous

      It seems like everyone always says the topic is Neg-biased, or at least that the lit is. So why don’t we try changing topic wordings? I think Jake Nebel’s proposal about giving Aff permissibility ground could be an interesting fix to at least some of the issues. I agree, though, that other changes (i.e. times) are probably necessary, too.

      • Anonymous

        Granting the aff permissibility ground doesn’t really seem to fix the problem because–if the targeted killing topic as debated at VBI and NSD was any indication–negs will still argue for permissibility even if that phrase is in the resolution, or argue that neither side should get permissibility, etc. 

      • The small changes in permissibility, wording, etc might do something initially, but then affs and negs will probably just tweak strategies and it will be back to normal (unless NR/2AR skew is fixed). 

    • i agree with ari. the 1ar isn’t too hard to overcome. it is the 3 minutes to answer 6 minutes that is unbearable. 
      also, i disagree with most people. I think that this topic is much better for the aff then neg. The neg args are all similar, or in the same vein. It isn’t hard to anticipate strategy. 

  • Anonymous

    It is absurd that affs won only 8/30 outrounds debates at Greenhill; negs won all debates from quarters onwards, and affs won only 2 octas debates. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you in principle, but just a note that Noah won his Semis round while affirming. Still, those numbers are pretty crazy.

  • Dave McGinnis