NSD Update Live Results: Noah Star wins Greenhill



Dallas, TX – Lexington High School’s Noah Star is the champion of the twenty-fifth annual Greenhill Fall Classic, having defeated University School’s Mike Fried on a 3-0 decision in the final round.

Noah is coached by Sara Sanchez, Chris Palmer, and Steven Adler; Mike is coached by Steve Schappaugh, Ross Brown, Ernie Rose, Tom Evnen, Josh Sherman, and Bradley Hicks.


UPDATE: Doubles are posted below!

UPDATE: Pairings are posted on the Joy of Tournaments warm room: http://bit.ly/phRSp9

DALLAS, TX – Reporting live from the Greenhill School, various NSDUpdate staffers will be updating results live via Twitter. Come back to this page to get official results posted in addition to live updates from our contributors and fellow debaters via Twitter. Remember to use the hashtag #ghill2011 when replying to @NSD_Update to report in live results!

Round 4:

Round 3:

Round 2:

Round 1:

There are rumors that Warm Room has some inaccuracies. I’ve noted in the past that it sometimes gets flighting wrong. I don’t know if these rumors are true, but it might be a good idea to check your Warm Room posting against a paper pairing before heading to round.