The NY Vassar Round Robin: A Pictorial Odyssey

Pictures from our weekend in New York:


This weekend’s competition is actually taking place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (see above).

McGinnis/Parker/Massey/Imas 2011 represent!


Tournament co-hosts Aracelis Biel and Jon Cruz (above)

Best one-on-one game in the history of one-on-one games:


More to come!













  • Dave McGinnis

    So, about the “champions” photo. We took those before the final round began. To cover bases, we took one with Jim holding the champ trophy and one with Kathy holding it. Well, my photo of Jim with the champ trophy was blurry to the point of looking like a photo of Bigfoot sprinting across a spring meadow. This photo was marginally less blurry. So I cropped out the lettering on the trophy bases. Congratulations to both debaters!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeee good luck to the mpmi lab.

  • so proud of the lab photo, rogaine represent!