Timmons Announces 2011 Greenhill Round Robin Field

Aaron Timmons, director of debate at the Greenhill School, has announced the Lincoln-Douglas Debate participants for the 2011 Greenhill Round Robin, which will be held on September 15 and 16.

  • College Prep (CA) — Sarah Sachs
  • Greenhill (TX) — Farhan Damani
  • Greenhill (TX) — Rebecca Kuang
  • Harvard Westlake (CA) — Michelle Choi
  • Hockaday (TX) — Mollie Cowger
  • New Orleans Jesuit (LA) — Jacob Pritt
  • Law Magnet (TX) –Kelsey Annu-Essulman
  • Lexington (MA) — Noah Star
  • Newark Science (NJ) — Roberto Romero
  • Northland Christian (TX) — Robbie Dillard
  • PV Peninsula (CA) — Daniel Tartakovsky
  • Strake Jesuit (TX) — John Heizelman
  • Strake Jesuit (TX) — Drew McCormick
  • University School (FL) — Mike Fried
  • University School (FL) — Josh Tupler
  • Walt Whitman (MD) — Stephanie Franklin

Each of the competitors will be assigned to one of two “pods” (divisions) based on the other coaches’ rankings. Each debater will debate the seven other debaters in their pods, with two judges per debate. The top entry from each division after seven rounds will debate in the final round on Friday evening at the Intercontinental Hotel-Dallas.

Congratulations to the competitors!