Josh Tupler Wins Valley Mid-America Cup

MAC Tab Staff

University’s Josh Tupler defeats Lake Highland’s Christian Morris in finals on a 2-1, and is the 2011 Valley Mid-America Cup champion. Josh is coached by Steve Schappaugh, Ross Brown, Ernie Rose, Tom Evnen, Josh Sherman, and Bradley Hicks; Christian is coached by George Clemens, Martin Sigalow, and Bryan Wilder. Congratulations!

UPDATE: Ballots and packets now available for all divisions! I’m beginning the process of uploading them now.

Valley Sophomore Throw-Down Results 2011

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Elim Results:


University JT (Neg) defeated Hockady Rupsha Basu

Mountain View NN (Neg) defeated Bainbridge Haley Brandt-Erichsen

Kent Denver AW (Aff) defeated Meadows Ryan Fink

St. Louis Park RS (Aff) defeated Hockaday Annie Zhu

St. Louis Park LS (Aff) defeated DM Roosevelt Samantha Gerleman

Apple Valley LS (Aff) defeated Kamiak Eldo Kim

Hockaday KQ (Aff) defeated Lake Highland Julian Alvarez

Suncoast CB (Neg) defeated Apple Valley John Granlund

Torrey Pines EL (Neg) defeated Brentwood Andrew Glantz

Lake Highland CM (Neg) defeated Eagan Kunal Patel

Evanston EB (Neg) defeated Los Altos Almog Gavra

Hockaday MC (Neg) defeated Bainbridge Island Alex Teiche

Monta Vista (Cupertino) MJ (Aff) defeated Hockaday Christine Chen

George Washington MZ (Neg) defeated Hockaday Kaavya Balan

Meadows EH (Neg) defeated Lake Highland Terrence Lonam

Ankeny GL (Neg) defeated Blake Juliet Nelson


University JT (Neg) defeated Ankeny Grant Laverty

Mountain View NN (Aff) defeated Meadows Ed Hendrickson

Kent Denver AW (Aff) defeated George Washington Matt Zavislan

Monta Vista (Cupertino) MJ (Neg) defeated St. Louis Park Richard Shmikler

Hockaday MC (Neg) defeated St. Louis Park Leah Shapiro

Apple Valley LS (Neg) defeated Evanston Erik Baker

Lake Highland CM (Neg) defeated Hockaday Katherine Qiu

Torrey Pines EL (Neg) defeated Suncoast Carlton Bone


University JT (Neg) defeated Torrey Pines Erwin Li

Lake Highland CM (Neg) defeated Mountain View Nikhil Nag

Apple Valley LS (Aff) defeated Kent Denver Alex Wissmann

Monta Vista (Cupertino) MJ (Neg) defeated Hockaday Mollie Cowger


University JT (Aff) defeated Monta Vista (Cupertino) Michelle Jiang

Lake Highland CM (Neg) defeated Apple Valley Luke Stuttgen


University JT (aff) defeated Lake Highland CM (neg) 2-1 (Christian Tarsney, Charles Chy, Marshall Thompson*).


Triples [PDF]

Round 1 Pairings [PDF]
Round 2 Pairings [PDF]
Round 3 Pairings [PDF]
Round 4 Pairings [PDF]
Round 5 Pairings [PDF]
Round 6 Pairings [PDF]

Rankings Through R.2 [PDF]
Rankings Through R.3 [PDF]
Rankings Through R,4 [PDF]

  • Who won the round robin?

    • Dave McGinnis

      Carlton Bone beat Leah Shapiro in the final round.

  • Is there a complete results packet anywhere?

  • Anonymous

    In doubles:
    Kent Denver AW def. Meadows RF 2-1 (Jeff Liu, Josh Anderson, Brendan Power*)
    Suncoast Community CB def. Apple Valley JG 3-0 (Christian Tarsney, Julian Switala, Charles McClung)
    University JT def. Hockaday RB
    SLP RS def. Hockaday AZ