Carlton Bone Wins Mid-America Cup Sophomore Throwdown

Sophomore Throw-Down

West Des Moines, IA — This Friday, 12 sophomores competed in the first annual Sophomore Throwdown Round Robin prior to the 2011 Mid-America Cup at West Des Moines Valley High School. In the final round, Carlton Bone from Suncoast Community HS (FL) defeated Leah Shapiro from St. Louis Park HS (MN) on a 3-0 decision. The judges were Alex Kramer, Lizzie Tao, and the combined student competitor vote.

The round robin field was separated into two pods of 6 debaters each, with the following results:

In the “Vicious Beast” pod:
1. Carlton Bone, Suncoast Community HS (FL), 9-1
2. Jessica Levy, Walt Whitman HS (MD), 9-1 with fewer adjusted speaks
Dana Councilman, St. Louis Park HS (MN)
Elisse Johnson, The Meadows School (NV)
Julianna Courrard-Hauri, Roosevelt High School (IA)
Nikhil Nandu, Lake Highland Preparatory School (FL)

In the “Slavering Monster” pod:
1. Leah Shapiro, St. Louis Park HS (MN), 9-1
2. Daisy Massey, Walt Whitman HS (MD), 7-3, tied for 2nd place on adjusted speaks
2. Jason Smith, Valley HS (IA), 7-3, tied for 2nd place on adjusted speaks
Eric Hale, Bettendorf HS (IA)
Nathan Cummings, Mercer Island HS (WA)
Saahil Jain, University School (FL)