Welcome to NSD Update: A Short Introduction

Welcome to NSD Update! This website is intended to provide commentary and educational resources for high school Lincoln-Douglas debate and Congressional debate. At present, our content range for LD debate includes articles on debate theory, relevant moral and political philosophy, in-round and tournament strategy, how to coach LD debate, and topic analysis. We also intend to provide a forum for the consideration of current issues of importance to the LD community on the whole, particularly at the national circuit level. Additionally, we have a library of videos recorded principally at our 2011 camp that includes rounds and segments of lectures on a variety of topics. This library is currently being uploaded, and we will continue to add new videos throughout the year.

In congressional debate, our articles cover current events and legislation, possible bills, skill development and speech strategy, team management, and coaching advice. We will cover events in the congress community throughout the year, including tournament results, and build a library of videos of speeches and lectures alongside our LD offerings.

We welcome submissions of articles and videos from the community at large, so if you want to see something run here, don’t hesitate to get in touch! The same goes for suggestions about topics you would like to see covered: if you have a question and want to see one of our staff members tackle it, feel free to send it our way. Our email address is nationalsymposium@gmail.com.

NSD Update is provided by the National Symposium for Debate, one of the premier summer institutes for Lincoln-Douglas and Congressional debate. For more information about our summer programs, please visit us at www.nsdebate.org.

Thank you for visiting,

Eric Palmer
NSD Executive Director