Alex Teiche Wins Whitman College

Alex Teiche, right, is the champion of Whitman College.

WALLA WALLA, WA—Alex Teiche of Bainbridge is the champion of the 39th Annual Remy Wilcox Speech and Debate Tournament at Whitman College, having defeated Alexander Erwig of Crescent Valley in the final round. The tournament is a Finals bid to the Tournament of Champions in Lincoln-Douglas, as well as in Policy Debate. Alex is coached by Rebar Niemi and Jordan Hudgens.

Whitman College breaks brackets to avoid teammates debating up until the bid round. In Octafinals, both the 3 and 14 seeds were from Bainbridge, so they respectively debated the 13 and the 4.

(1) Tahoma CD advances without debating.

(2) Bainbridge AT advances without debating.

(3) Bainbridge HBE def. (13) Renaissance MV (Matt Vraspir)
3-0 (Pollard, Kimball, Peszek)

(4) Crescent Valley AE def. (14) Bainbridge JR (Jacob Reiter)
3-0 (Skinner, Coovert, Joki)

(5) Eastside Catholic DH def. (12) Bainbridge NV (Nicole VanderMeer)
3-0 (Pollard, Kimball, Peszek)

(6) Gig Harbor AB def. (11) Federal Way ES (Eileen Sheats)
3-0 (Srinivas, Wang, Silk)

(10) Mercer Island MW def. (7) Wenatchee CS (Colton Smith)
2-1 (Srinivas*, Wang, Silk)

(8) Eastside Catholic NS def. (9) Gonzaga Prep RS (Robert Smoot)
3-0 (Skinner, Coovert, Joki)

It seems Whitman originally decided to break brackets once more for quarterfinals—inexplicably, this time, because no teammates were slated to debate. After discussion among tab, the tournament has taken down pairings. These are still anticipated match-ups; quarterfinals have not yet been re-released by the tournament.

UPDATE: These match-ups are correct.

(1) Tahoma CD v (8) Eastside Catholic NS (Nalani Saito)
2-1 (Silk, K. Hudgens*, Niemi)

(2) Bainbridge AT (AFF) v (10) Mercer Island MW (Matt Wang)
3-0 (Flores, Joki, D. Lewis)

(3) Bainbridge HBE v (6) Gig Harbor AB (Austin Ballard)
3-0 (Flores, Joki, D. Lewis)

(4) Crescent Valley AE v (5) Eastside Catholic DH (Derek Holliday)
2-1 (Silk, K. Hudgens, Niemi*)


(4) Crescent Valley AE def. (1) Tahoma CD (Connor Durkin)
3-0 (Gans, Silk, K. Hudgens)

(2) Bainbridge AT over (3) Bainbridge HBE (Haley Brandt-Erichsen)


(2) Bainbridge AT def. (4) Crescent Valley AE (Alexander Erwig)


(2) Bainbridge AT (Alex Teiche)