Adam Hoffman Wins Yale


Congratulations to Lexington’s Adam Hoffman for defeating West Des Moines Valley’s Megan Nubel to win the 2012 Yale Invitational. Adam is coached by Sara Sanchez and Chris Palmer; Megan is coached by Dave McGinnis, Alex Kramer, and Sophie Ruff.

Triple Octafinal Round Results
Randolph NC defeated Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey)
San Marino High KS defeated Benjamin N Cardozo JW (Jonathan Wong)
Collegiate AO defeated Hunter College RH (Rebecca Heilweil)
Collegiate MA defeated Stuyvesant SV (Sweyn Venderbush)
Scarsdale SF defeated Regis PM (Peter McGahren)
Walt Whitman TS defeated Lexington JF (Jamie Fonarev)
Bronx Science DM defeated Regis BK (Barrett King)
Lexington JC defeated Henry Clay BS (Ben Swanson)
Hunter College DL defeated Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom)
Collegiate AK defeated Park SK (Shruti Kumar)
Lake Mary Prep AW defeated Christopher Columbus NA (Nick Anderson)
Syosset MS defeated Hunter College GH (Geffen Huberman)
WDM Valley LK defeated Millburn MY (Michael Yuan)
Fordham Prep DJ defeated Lexington BL (Brianna Lavelle)
Durham RB defeated Trinity Prep SD (Sebastian De Armas)
Palo Alto AZ defeated Benjamin N Cardozo SC (Sijin Choi)
Scarsdale BU defeated Flintridge SHA MA (Monica Amestoy)
Trinity Prep MP defeated Ridge JW (Jack Wilson)
Regis RM defeated Millburn SM (Shiv Malhotra)
Scarsdale CB defeated Bronx Science ID (Isis Davis-Marks)

Double Octafinal Round Results
Millburn YY defeated Scarsdale CB (Charlie Blatt)
WDM Valley MN defeated Regis RM (Ryan McEvoy)
Scarsdale NT defeated Trinity Prep MP (Mathew Pregasen)
Lexington AH defeated Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene)
Sacred Heart AT defeated Palo Alto AZ (Allen Zheng)
Scarsdale LM defeated Durham RB (Raghav Bansal)
Brentwood AG defeated Fordham Prep DJ (David Joannides)
WDM Valley LK defeated Berkeley Carroll CH (Corbin Hopper)
Byram Hills JA defeated Syosset MS (Michael Sullivan)
Scarsdale JA defeated Lake Mary Prep AW (Andrew Welton)
Scarsdale AS defeated Collegiate AK (Adil Khan)
Brentwood MS defeated Hunter College DL (Danny Li)
Randolph NC defeated Lexington JC (Jerry Chen)
Bronx Science DM defeated San Marino High KS (Keita Suzuki)
Collegiate AO defeated Walt Whitman TS (Tori Seidenstein)
Collegiate MA defeated Scarsdale SF (Steven Friedman)

1. Millburn YY def. 16. Collegiate MA (Matthew Agar-Johnson)
2. WDM-Valley MN def. 15. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donahue)
3. Scarsdale NT def. 46. Bronx Science DM (Daiya Massac)
4. Lexington AH def. 52. Randolph NC (Nathan Cha)
5. Sacred Heart AT def. 12. Brentwood MS (Max Shapiro)
6. Scarsdale LM over 11. Scarsdale AS (Aron S’zanto)
7. Brentwood AG def. 10. Scarsdale JA (Josh Annex)
8. WDM-Valley LK def. 9. Byram Hills JA (Josh Altman)

1. Millburn YY def. 8. WDM-Valley LK (Lucy Korsakov)
2. WDM-Valley MN def. 7. Brentwood AG (Andrew Glantz)
4. Lexington AH def. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi)
6. Scarsdale LM over 3. Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler)

4. Lexington AH def. 1. Millburn YY (Yang Yi)
2. WDM-Valley MN def. 6. Scarsdale LM (Larry Milstein)

4. Lexington AH def. 2. WDM-Valley MN (Megan Nubel)

Champion: Lexington AH (Adam Hoffman)

  • Congrats Adam, Mass heg

  • the new picture is amazing.

  • Jake Steirn

    Congrats to Adam tomasi on his first bid. #underclassmen #ftw

  • Congrats Adam!!! #punishmentlab
    and BIG THANKS to Diana Li for helping run such a great tournament so well!

  • fun tournament, terrible picture

    • Noah Thaler

      Doesn’t matter, GDS.

    • great tie

  • Huge congrats to Adam Hoffman!

    Also, congrats to Adam Tomasi for getting his first bid (as a sophomore) and continuing the dominance of the TET Offensive!

  • congrats adam!
    so proud of you, meggy.. way to represent the valley heartbreakers(:

  • So proud of Megan, youda best!! Love, your fiancé