Amyn Kassam Wins TFA State

The mascot of Amarillo High School - the Golden Sandy.

Amyn Kassam defeats Drew McCormick 3-0 (Jenn Melin, Tyler Sullivan, Katie Dessi). Amyn is coached by Andrew Cockroft. Drew is coached by Jerry Crist, Chris Castillo, Daniel Imas, Todd Liipfert and Murvin Auzenne, and inspired by Nick Lassus.

Dulles AK def. Strake DM

Strake DM over Strake JH
Dulles AK def. Strake JD 2-1 (Tyler Cook, Jenn Melin, *Nick Khalla)

  • I believe these are the full results in case anyone was interested.

    Quarters:Strake DM def. Kinkaid JL 
    Strake JH def. Flower Mound CH
    Strake JD def. Keller TF
    Dulles AK def. Cypress Woods TJ

    Strake DM def. Hockaday RB
    Kinkaid JL def. Cypress Woods CM
    Strake JH def. Westwood DE
    Flower Mound CH def. Northland RD
    Strake JD def. Winston Churchill AW
    Keller TF def. Stony Point SW
    Dulles AK def. Cypress Woods MF
    Cypress Woods TJ def. Reagan RP


    Strake DM def. Cypress Woods GJ
    Hockaday RB def. Lamar JN
    Kinkaid JL def. Hockaday AZ
    Cypress Woods CM def. Hockaday KQStrake JH def. Cypress BH
    Westwood DE def. Lamar DH
    Flower Mound CH def. Greenhill BW 
    Northland RD def. Hockaday MC
    Strake JD def. Plugerville TH
    Winston Churchill AW def. Hockaday EBKeller TF def. Strake Jesuit JS
    Stony Point SW def. Reagan CW
    Dulles AK def. Westlake MG
    Cypress Woods MF def.Hockaday LS
    Cypress Woods TJ def. Strake Jesuit CS
    Reagan RP def. Greenhilll RK

  • Congrats Amyn!  You are a talented and intelligent kid who offers a lot to our activity. 

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mad ups to amyn

  • Also finals panel was 3-0 Tyler Sullivan, Jenn Melin, Katie Dessi

  • I too am inspired by Nick Lassus.