Announcement: NSD Exchange is Now Open, Twitter, & Site Improvement Suggestions

by Honda Wang

Since the launch of NSD Update, we have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver brand-new, quality content to the LD community—and we are now delivering a tool bridging the gap between debaters and coaches in addition to judges and tournaments. NSD Exchange is a brand-new job board for the debate community, enabling individuals to offer and request coaching and judging services.

Using NSD Exchange is a straightforward process, and we hope that it becomes a new locus within the debate community for students, coaches, and tournament directors to fulfill their needs.

Additionally, with the success of NSD Update’s live Twitter updates, we encourage our readers to subscribe to @NSD_Update‘s tweets for continued live coverage of tournaments across the nation.

We would also like to open up the comments on this post for improvement suggestions for NSD Update. Feel free to contribute your ideas and suggestions.

  • Anonymous

    no one has updated the topics to the right for several months

  • i like the idea of having a tournament calendar with links to joy of
    tournaments and so it’s easy for the uninformed to register.

  • Nice work, Honda! Two questions for everyone: 

    1. Do people like using Disqus for the purpose of commenting? It’s frustrating that replies are sorted based on the recency and popularity of the original post, but I like that you can use your FB, Twitter, or Google account to log in. 

    2. What would you like to see on the righthand sidebar? “Announcements” will now be put on the NSD exchange, so “Recent comments” will be bumped up as follows: 

    Recent comments (first) -> poll (second) -> recent tweets (third) -> recent exchange posts (fourth)? TOC bidlist? Steven’s video hub? A tournament calendar? Oh, the possibilities…

    • Anonymous


  • looks great. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Chy. <3