Ashesh Rambachan Takes Minnesota State

Ashesh v Andrew in finals

Congratulations to Eastview’s Ashesh Rambachan for defeating Robbinsdale Armstrong’s Andrew Urevig to win the Lincoln-Douglas division of the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) State Debate Tournament. Ashesh is coached by Todd Hering; Andrew is coached by D.J. Brynteson, Chyenne Thibodo and Robert Cegla.

1. Apple Valley LS def. 8. Blake JN (Juliet Nelson) 3-0
7. Visitation EW def. 2. Apple Valley JG (John Granlund) 3-0
3. Robbinsdale Armstrong AU def. 6. St. Francis AG (Alexander Gray) 2-1
5. Eastview AR def. 4. Blaine CB (Courtney Bye) 3-0

5. Eastview AR def. 1. Apple Valley LS (Luke Stuttgen) 3-2
3. Robbinsdale Armstrong AU def. 7. Visitation EW (Elizabeth Weir) 4-1

5. Eastview AR (neg) def. 3. Robbinsdale Armstrong AU (Andrew Urevig)

Champion: Eastview AR (Ashesh Rambachan) 5-2

We look forward to reporting results from all state debate tournaments, and we will post a tutorial explaining how you can help contribute.