Camp Announcement About Fires

Hint: Our camp topic will be announced soon.

NSD has received numerous inquiries regarding the forest fires in Waldo Canyon and surrounding areas. We are writing this to assure NSD students and their parents that the Colorado College campus is safe and is not directly impacted by the fires. Colorado College has been operating without interruption. They are holding summer classes and conferences as usual. Firefighters are currently reporting encouraging results regarding the containment of the fire and the recent turn in the weather suggests that the problem may be quickly resolved. We will provide updates here if the situation changes.

We ask that students who read this message please show it to their parents.

Previous announcements:

1. Staff and student travel plans were due May 22. If you haven’t sent yours in yet, please send it to ASAP.

2. Batman sign ups! On NSD’s free day, July 21, students will have the opportunity to see the The Dark Knight Rises. The showing will take place at 9:30 in the morning and buses will depart campus at 830 AM sharp. This is the only showing that will be offered during the course of camp.

In order to attend, students will need to bring $16.50 cash. Students, please fill out the sign-up form below if you want to see Batman. (There will be a separate form emailed to staff.)

If you have any questions, email