Adam Hoffman & Ben Ulene Bump Co-Champions

Montrose, NY–Lexington’s Adam Hoffman and Scarsdale’s Ben Ulene are co-champions of the Malcolm A. Bump Invitational at Hendrick Hudson High School. Per tradition, no final round was held. Adam is coached by Sara Sanchez, Chris Palmer, John Heizelman & Alex Zimmermann; Ben is coached by Joe Vaughan, Geoffrey Kristof, & Nikhil Nag.

19. Sacred Heart AT 14. def. Regis RM (Ryan McEvoy)
16. Stuyvesant SV def. 17. Newburgh Free Academy VB (Victor Bramble)
15. Hunter DL over 18. Hunter BL (Ben Laufer)

1. Lexington AH def. 16. Stuyvesant SV (Sweyn Venderbush)
2. Scarsdale LM def. 15. Hunter College DL (Danny Li)
3. Byram JA def. 19. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi)
12. Scarsdale SF def. 5. Harrison PG (Patty-Jane Geller)
13. Bronx Science SS def. 4. Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom)
6. Scarsdale CB def. 11. Monticello PC (Peter Chocolate)
10. Scarsdale BU def. 7. Fordham DJ (David Joannides)
9. Collegiate MA over 8. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue)

1. Lexington AH def. 7. Collegiate MA (Matt Agar-Johnson) 3-0
10. Scarsdale BU over 2. Scarsdale LM (Larry Milstein)
3. Byram Hills JA def. 6. Scarsdale CB (Charlie Blatt) 3-0
13. Bronx Science def. 12. Scarsdale SF (Steven Friedman) 2-1

Semis (bid)
1. Lexington AH def. 13. Bronx Science SS (Shai Szulanski) 2-1
10. Scarsdale BU def. 3. Byram Hills JA (Josh Altman) 2-1

Lexington AH (Adam Hoffman) & Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene)

  • anonymous222

    correction: ben is also coached by geoffrey kristof

  • Rebar Niemi

    LOL the flame war has totally improved comment positivity

    flame wars good

    • TheBerkeleyBear

      we ran out of downvotes

  • Congrats to Adam on the co-champ. You are a beautiful man.

  • Griffin Miller

    Congrats to Shai on the qual!

  • congrats to ben and josh on really well deserved bids, and shai for completing the qual so early in the season. Also, no more pics on nsdupdate please.

  • anondebater523

    Elims results?

  • nikhiln17

    Congratulations to Larry Milstein on a dominant prelims performance, completing his qualification to the TOC, and being gracious enough to let Ben walk over him. And of course, congratulations to Ben on the first tournament (co-)championship and fifth bid for #justicelab. You’ve worked really hard over the course of the year, and definitely deserve this after dishearteningly close calls at Valley and Yale.

    • Lifer at Math

      fifth bid? MATH HUTT

      • I was expecting you to make that comment about the posters in the background.

    • It’s actually the sixth bid for #justicelab #nomathhutt. (You’re welcome for the public fact checking.) Congrats Miley, as well as Josh Altman for a very well deserved first bid, Charlie and Matt on making the bid round, and Larry on finishing the qual.

      • Rebar Niemi


        • Rebar Niemi

          technically ben ulene was in my lab in 2011 before he was in your lab in 2012.

          • Rebar Niemi

            that’s a one year difference, also known as 365 days.

          • Cypher19

            See, Rebar, that’s where you’re WRONG. A year is TECHNICALLY 365.25 days, meaning that EVERY FOUR YEARS THERE IS AN EXTRA DAY.
            Why don’t you just go home and stop posting comments on an Online Discussion Board (ODB) on subjects that you CLEARLY know nothing about?

          • You’re Wrong, Cypher

            You’re wrong; an average year is 365.2425 days, not 365. Math Hutt fail.

            “Some exceptions to this rule are required since the duration of a solar year is slightly less than 365.25 days. Years that are integer multiples of 100 arenot leap years, unless they are also integer multiples of 400, in which case they are leap years. For example, 1600 and 2000 were leap years, but 1700, 1800 and 1900 were not. Similarly, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2500, 2600, 2700, 2900 and 3000 will not be leap years, but 2400 and 2800 will be. Therefore, in a duration of two millennia, there will be 485 leap years. By this rule, the average number of days per year is 365 + 1/4 − 1/100 + 1/400 = 365.2425.”

          • Cypher19

            I love you, man

          • Rebar Niemi

            damn that’s some math 2 grasp. cite ur sources tho

  • Noah Thaler

    Serious shoutout to Ben Ulene for getting #JusticeLab + the ‘dale a bid, and also to Larry Milstein for another ‘dale qual.