Chris Palmer Announces Lexington RR Field

LEXINGTON, MASS.—Chris Palmer, LD Coach at Lexington HS, has announced the field for the 2012 Lexington RR. Here is his letter:

Greetings, Round Robinistas, judges, and other interested parties!

I’m pleased to announce the final field of the 2012 Lexington LD Round Robin:

Aliso Niguel CA Regan Grishaber
Bronx Science NY Shai Szulanski
Byram Hills NY Sammi Cannold
Byram Hills NY Josh Altman
Carpe Diem NJ Joseph Millman
duPont Manual KY Michael Moorin
Hockaday TX Christine Chen
Hockaday TX Annie Zhu
Lexington MA Noah Star
Lexington MA Jerry Chen
Millburn NJ Yang Yi
Stuyvesant NY Grant Weisberg
Stuyvesant NY Andrew Eckholm
Westwood TX David Emelianov


Each of you will debate 7 rounds. You’ll be assigned to 2 pods of 7 debaters
based on your seeding from the main tournament after prelims. Your first six
rounds will be against the other 6 debaters in your pod. Your 7th round will be
against the debater in the other pod who is ranked in the same position as you
are after the first 6 rounds of the round robin. And then we’ll have a final.

Jerry and Noah will not be in the tournament, so we’ll seed them 13th and 14th


First will be ballot count, second will be head-to-head, third will be high/low speaks.

Per Catherine Tarsney and Joe Vaughan’s suggestion, we are going to be using a
new fourth tiebreaker. Wins represent the logic and flow, and speaker points
typically represent skill and strategic choices. However, judges have no method
to express how much they actually enjoyed the round. To allow that, at the
BigLex RR, judges will also award each debater in each round with a smiley face
or a frowny face, as a measure of how the round made the judge feel about debate,
you, and life in general. You will get 1 point for each smiley face and -1 point
for each frowny face. There will be an award for the Top Smiler.

To encourage more high quality debate, we encourage judges paradigmatically to
presume frowny.