Jessica Levy Wins Crestian Round Robin

Ft. Lauderdale, FL–Congratulations to Walt Whitman’s Jessica Levy for defeating Stoneman Douglas’s Eli Hymson to win the Crestian Round Robin. Jessica is coached by Eric Palmer, Charles Chy, Eric Han, Emily Massey, and Iaan Reynolds; Eli is coached by Ryan Cole.

Whitman JL def. Mountain Brook WM (Wyatt Moorer) 2-1 (Evnen, *Niemi, Pielstick)
Stoneman EH def. Whitman TS (Tori Seidenstein) 2-1 (Jayaraman, Shatzkin, *Weisberg)

Whitman JL def. Stoneman EH (Eli Hymson) 3-0

Champion: Whitman JL (Jessica Levy)

LD Pod A

Wyatt Moorer

Robbie Steirn

Tori Seidenstein

David Branse

Reed Florin

LD Pod B

Jessica Levy

Julian Alvarez

Eli Hymson

Brandon Hopen

Tyler Richards

  • Terrence Lonam

    Some of my favorite people in finals! Congrats to Julian too!

  • TheBerkeleyBear

    congrats jessica!

  • Debater

    How does one get invited to a round robin?

    • TheBerkeleyBear

      Tell the people running the RR you’re interested in advance and have them think you’re good by winning in elims, acquiring bids, come from a large school, or know relevant people.

  • Congrats Eli! #TETOffensive

  • Guest

    congrats eli!

  • Congrats to all of the invitees. We encourage anyone and everyone to send us an application for our round
    robin! We welcome invitees to this event or names that may have been
    omitted! Help us bring a round robin to East TN. Info can be found