Farhan Damani Wins King Round Robin

HUTTO, Tex. — Greenhill’s Farhan Damani is the champion of this year’s Kandi King Round Robin, having bested Strake Jesuit’s John Heizelman on a 3-2 in the final round. Farhan is coached by Aaron Timmons, Neil Conrad, and Jake Nebel; John is coached by coached by Jerry Crist, Chris Castillo, Daniel Imas, Todd Liipfert and Murvin Auzenne.

Greenhill FD def Dulles AK 3-0 (Cass, Castillo, Woods)
Strake Jesuit JH def Loyola BO 2-1 (Dessi, Donovan, *Oliverez)

Greenhill FD def Strake Jesuit JH 3-2 (Cass, Ghosh, Donovan, *Dessi, *student vote)