Noah Star Wins The Harvard Round Robin

Harvard Round Robin Finalists Daniel Tartakovsky & Noah Star

CAMBRIDGE, MA– Congratulations to Lexington’s Noah Star for defeating Palos Verdes Peninsula’s Daniel Tartakovsky to win the Harvard Round Robin. Noah is coached by Sarah Sanchez, Chris Palmer, Jeff Liu, and Steven Adler; Daniel is coached by Samantha Weiss and Chris Theis.

Finals: Lexington NS (neg) def. PV Peninsula DT (Daniel Tartakovsky) 4-1 (*Smith, Nebel, Teleky, Wilson, Zaman)

Champion: Lexington NS (Noah Star)

Speaker Awards:
1. PV Peninsula DT (Daniel Tartakovsky)
2. Lexington NS (Noah Star)
3. Walt Whitman SF (Stephanie Franklin)
4. Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)
5. Stuyvesant AE (Andrew Eckholm)

Pod 1:

1. Daniel Tartakovsky, Palos Verdes Peninsula (11-1)
2. Stephanie Franklin, Walt Whitman
Ally Brabant, Harrison
Paul Zhou, Lexington
Josh Feinzig, Stoneman Douglas
Josh Tupler, University
Moses Sloven, West Des Moines Valley

Pod 2:

1. Noah Star, Lexington (9-3)
2. Rebecca Kuang, Greenhill
Tom Cameron, Loyola Blakefield
Danny DeBois, Harrison
Andre Eckholm, Stuyvesant
Michael Fried, University
Henry Zhang, Palos Verdes Peninsula

Thursday, February 16, 2012
9:30 am Round 1
Pod 1​
Room ​Aff ​​Neg​​Judges
320​Harrison AB​Lexington PZ​  ​Seth Teleky, Bradley Hicks
3SCZ​Stoneman Douglas JF​Walt Whitman SF​Aaron Timmons, Jimmy Zhuang
324​W Des Moines Valley MS​ PV Peninsula DT​Alex Smith, Tom Durkin
Bye: University JT

Pod 2
223​PV Peninsula HZ​Lexington NS​Ari Parker, Shadman Zaman
220​Greenhill RK​University MF​Matthew Wilson, Mike Bietz
251​Stuyvesant AE​Harrison DD​Chris Theis, Dave McGinnis
Bye: Loyola Blakefield TC

1:00 pm  Round 2
Pod 1
320​University JT​Harrison AB​Jimmy Zhuang, Ari Parker
3SCZ​Lexington PZ​​Stoneman Douglas JF​Mike Bietz, Matthew Wilson
324​Walt Whitman SF​W Des Moines Valley MS  Bradley Hicks, Chetan Hertzig
Bye PV Peninsula DT

Pod 2
223​Loyola Blakefield TC​PV Peninsula HZ​Ben Sprung-Keyser, Sara Sanchez
220​Lexington NS​Greenhill RK​Chris Theis, Alex Smith
251​University MF​Stuyvesant AE​Tom Durkin, Sara Providence
Bye Harrison DD

2:45 pm Round 3
Pod 1
320​Stoneman Douglas JF​University JT​Ben Sprung-Keyser, Sara Providence
3SCZ ​W Des Moines Valley MS​Lexington PZ​​Chris Theis, Ari Parker
324​Harrison AB​PV Peninsula DT​Earl St. Sauver, Georgia Stasinopolous
Bye. Walt Whitman SF

Pod 2
223​Greenhill RK​Loyola Blakefield TC​Jimmy Zhuang, Bradley Hicks
220​Stuyvesant AE​Lexington NS​Matthew Wilson, Charles Chy
251​PV Peninsula HZ​Harisson DD​Alex Smith, Tom Durkin
Bye University MF

4:30 pm  Round 4
Pod 1
320​PV Peninsula DT​Stoneman Douglas JF​Bradley Hicks, Charles Chy
3SCZ ​University JT​W Des Moines Valley MS​Georgia Stasinopoulos, Matthew Wilson
324​Walt Whitman SF​Harrison AB​Sara Providence, Alex Smith
Bye: Harvard Westlake MC

Pod 2
223​Harrison DD​Greenhill RK​Earl St. Sauver, Ben Sprung-Keyser
220​Loyola Blakefield TC​Stuyvesant AE​Shadman Zaman, Aaron Timmons
251​University MF​PV Peninsula HZ​Dave McGinnis, Jimmy Zhuang
Bye: Lexington NS

Friday, February 17, 2012
9:00 am Round 5
Pod 1
320​Harrison AB​Stoneman Douglas JF​Alex Zhang, Dave McGinnis
3SCZ ​University JT​PV Peninsula DT​Sara Sanchez, Aaron Timmons
324​Lexington PZ​​Walt Whitman SF​Earl St. Sauver, Shadman Zaman
Bye: West Des Moines Valley MS

Pod 2
223​PV Peninsula HZ​Greenhill RK​Chetan Hertzig, Tom Durkin​
220​Loyola Blakefild TC​Harrison DD​Jake Nebel, Mike Bietz
251​Lexington NS​University MF​Seth Teleky, Georgia Stanisopolous
Bye: Stuyvesant AE

10:30 am Round 6
Pod 1
320​W Des Moines Valley MS​Harrison AB​Charles Chy, Sara Sanchez
3SCZ ​Walt Whitman SF​University JT​Tom Durkin, Seth Teleky
324​PV Peninsula DT​Lexington PZ​​Dave McGinnis, Georgia Stasinopoulos
Bye: Stoneman Douglas JF

Pod 2
223​Stuyvesant AE​PV Peninsula HZ​Mike Bietz, Earl St. Sauver
220​University MF​Loyola Blakefield TC​Chris Theis, Alex Smith​
251​Harrison DD​Lexington NS​Jimmy Zhuang, Jake Nebel
Bye: Greenhill RK

1:30 pm Round 7
Pod 1
320​Stoneman Douglas JF​W Des Moines Valley MS   Jake Nebel, Shadman Zaman
3SCZ ​Lexington PZ​​University JT​Alex Smith, Chetan Hertzig
324​PV Peninsula DT​Walt Whitman SF​Matthew Wilson, Alex Zhang
Bye: Harrison AB

Pod 2
223​Greenhill RK​Stuyvesant AE​Ari Parker, Seth Teleky
220​Lexington NS​Loyola Blakefield TC​Earl St. Sauver, Georgia Stasinopoulos
251​Harrison DD​University MF​Sara Sanchez, Charles Chy
Bye: PV Peninsula HZ

  • “Tartakovsky v Star/Cameron”

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  • noah and tom fulfill their lifelong dream of forming a policy duo. too bad henry isn’t down to partner with dtart.

  • Lol. ‘Dre.

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  • And I think it’s “Andrew,” not “Andre.” Knowing Trickholm though, that may have changed.

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