Sarah Sachs Wins The Hockaday Round Robin

Dallas, TX —

The Hockaday Debate Team would like to announce the resumption of the Hockaday Round Robin. The event will be held at the The Hockaday School on March 24th and 25th, 2012.

Under the leadership of Stacy Thomas and Daryn Paciotti, Hockaday has previously hosted all-female round robins, and we are pleased to reinstate this important tradition. Given Hockaday’s unwavering commitment to educating girls, the Round Robin will facilitate, in particular, conversations about gender norms and expectations. The collaborative atmosphere of the Round Robin will be thought provoking while encouraging friendships and promoting a future network of support for participants. We intend to offer an extremely competitive and rewarding environment to all participants.

For this year’s Round Robin, we are highlighting students who have been successful on the national circuit. All female Lincoln-Douglas debaters who have earned a bid to the Tournament of Champions are invited to participate. Since this is meant as preparation for the TOC, we will be using the January-February topic. The schedule will be planned with sufficient time allotted for feedback and critiques from our pool of experienced and education oriented judges. We will also incorporate time for discussions about issues important to our community.

The field is as follows:
Sammi Cannold Byram Hills, NY
Christine Chen Hockaday, TX
Michelle Choi Harvard Westlake, CA
Mollie Cowger Hockaday, TX
Naila Dharani Brentwood, CA
Stephanie Franklin Walt Whitman, MD
Annie Kors Harvard Westlake, CA
Rebecca Kuang Greenhill, TX
Savannah Kumar Anderson, TX
Elana Leone Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, MD
Jessica Levy Walt Whitman, MD
Juliet Nelson Blake, MN
Kathy Qiu Hockaday, TX
Sarah Sachs College Prep, CA
Leah Shapiro St. Louis Park, MN
Annie Zhu Hockaday, TX