Sam Mathews Wins Iowa Caucus

Cedar Rapids, IA – Congratulations to Sam Mathews from Kent Denver for defeating Leah Shapiro from St. Louis Park to win the 2012 Iowa Caucus! Sam is coached by Kurt MacDonald. Leah is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney, Annie Zhu, and Geoffrey Kristof. Full elimination round results are below.


(1) Kent Denver SM def. (16) Ankeny Centennial NS (Natasha Stewart)
(2) St. Louis Park LS def. (15) Lincoln SD (Sarah DiMagno)
(3) St. Louis Park RS def. (14) Valley NL (Nanticha Lutt)
(4) Ankeny GL def. (13) Hopkins MB (Mia Berman)
(5) Bettendorf TA def. (12) St. Thomas Academy KA (Kelton Anderson)
(6) Valley JS def. (11) Eagan RL (Ryan Lowder)
(10) Bettendorf EH def. (7) Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald)
(8) St. Thomas Academy EP def. (9) Okoboji JA (Jackson Ave)


(1) Kent Denver SM def. (8) St. Thomas Academy EP (Elliot Polsky)
(2) St. Louis Park LS def. (10) Bettendorf EH (Eric Hale)
(3) St. Louis Park RS def. (6) Valley JS (Jason Smith)
(4) Ankeny GL def. (5) Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey)


(1) Kent Denver SM def. (4) Ankeny GL (Grant Laverty)
(2) St. Louis Park LS passes over (3) St. Louis Park RS (Richard Shmikler)


(1) Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews) def. (2) St. Louis Park LS (Leah Shapiro)

  • Congrats to Leah and Richard on another great weekend, Sam Greenwald on being one ballot from the bid round, and multiple-labbie Sam Mathews on the win! Also, I like that the bronze busts have been brought back after a many-year hiatus, feels very retro.