Jacob Pritt, Carlton Bone, Terrence Lonam Co-Champs of Crestian RR

Congratulations to Jacob Pritt, Carlton Bone, and Terrence Lonam on being co-champions of the Crestian Round Robin (Jacob was also Top Speaker). Jacob is coached by Travis Smith and Justin Pearce. Terrence is coached by George Clemens, Bryan Wilder, and Martin Sigalow. Carlton is coached by Jeff Liu and sponsored by the Bill Bone Racing Team.

  • At the tournament proper, bids for Terrence, Pritt, Jim, Carlton, Jeff Greenberg, and Alec Kerrigan (that I know of so far). Quarters starts in about half an hour.

  • Jacob Pritt = cutest person ever <3

  • Rebar Niemi

    how do you do a 3 way co championing? dats cool

    • Carlton Jacob and I were all 6-1 and had head to head on each other (I beat Jacob, Jacob beat Carlton, and Carlton beat me) so we decided the final round should not be based on speaks and chose to be co-champions. We also did not want to stay for an eighth round

  • Thanks Doe —

  • Terrence Lonam is also coached by Bryan Wilder and Martin Sigalow