Jeremy Dang Takes Churchill

Churchill finalists, Ty Joplin (L) and Jeremy Dang (R)

Strake Jesuit’s Jeremy Deng is the champion of the 2012 Winston Churchill Classic, having defeated Cypress Woods Ty Joplin in finals. Jeremy is coached by Jerry Christ, Chris Castillo, Daniel Imas, Todd Liipfert and Murvin Auzenne; Ty is coached by Jared Woods and Heath Martin.. (Special thanks to Jared for providing results.)

Reagan CW def. Flowermound CH (Chase Hamilton)
Pflugerville TH def. Anderson DR (Dianna Radpour)
Cypress Woods JD def. Reagan RP (Rodrigo Paramo)
Cypress Woods TJ def. Westlake MG (Mark Gorthey)
Dulles AK def. Cypress Falls BH (Brian Hodge)
Keller TF def. Westlake WC (Will Conant)
Strake Jesuit JD def. Southlake MK (Michael Kohm)
Strake Jesuit CS def. Pflugerville JC (Justin Cias)

Reagan CW def. Pflugerville TH (Tillman Huett)
Cypress Woods TJ over Cypress Woods JD (Jordan Durrani)
Dulles AK def. Keller TF (Travis Fife)
Strake Jesuit JD over Strake Jesuit CS (Clay Spence)

Cypress Woods TJ def. Reagan CW (Christina Wiener) 4-1
Strake Jesuit JD def. Dulles AK (Amyn Kassam) 2-1

Strake Jesuit JD (neg) def. Cypress Woods TJ (Ty Joplin) 2-1

Champion: Strake Jesuit JD (Jeremy Dang)