Scarsdale Closes Out Lexington

Team Scarsdale at Lexington

LEXINGTON, MASS.—Congratulations to Scarsdale’s Alon Daks, Zach Edelman, and Ben Fife for co-championing the 2012 Lexington Winter Invitational. The Dale is led by Joe Vaughan, Perry Green, Oliver Roth and Eric Thurm.



Aliso Niguel RG def. Stuyvesant GW (Adler, Roth, *B. Clancy)
Scarsdale BF def. Millburn YY (*Zhou, Tarsney, Wolfe)
Scarsdale ZE over Scarsdale GR
Scarsdale AD def. Hockaday AZ

Scarsdale ZE over Scarsdale BF (Ben Fife)
Scarsdale AD def. Aliso Niguel RG (Regan Grishaber)

Scarsdale ZE and Scarsdale AD close-out

Champions: Scarsdale AD (Alon Daks), Scarsdale ZE (Zach Edelman), and Scarsdale BF (Ben Fife)

  • We interrupt this Scarsdale love fest to update you on the thirteen-person prison break from a Colorado Springs penitentiary: 
    The FBI, sighting eyewitnesses and first responders, reported that Grant Reiter terrorized the town of Lexington, MA this past weekend, tormenting high school students along with at large co-conspirators Steven Friedman and Sam Natbony. Grant through his official representative, Jared Young, taunted federal investigators by announcing plans to reunite with ex-inmates Joseph Millman, Elana Leone and Kathy Qiu, in Lexington, KY at the end of April. The group, which calls itself MMPI to honor lab leaders Massey, McGinnis, Parker, and Imas, remains armed and dangerous. If you see them, notify local authorities; do not try to confront them.

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      most specifically- doug meyers 

  • Those are results from Churchill, btw.

  • Octos:
    Reagan CW def. Flowermound CH (Chase Hamilton)
    Pflugerville TH def. Anderson DR (Dianna Radpour)
    Cypress Woods JD def. Reagan RP (Rodrigo Paramo)
    Cypress Woods TJ def. Westlake MG (Mark Gorthey)
    Dulles AK def. Cypress Falls BH (Brian Hodge)
    Keller TF def. Westlake WC (Will Conant)
    Strake Jesuit JD def. Southlake MK (Michael Kohm)
    Strake Jesuit CS def. Pflugerville JC (Justin Cias)

    Reagan CW def. Pflugerville TH (Tillman Huett)
    Cypress Woods TJ over Cypress Woods JD (Jordan Durrani)
    Dulles AK def. Keller TF (Travis Fife)
    Strake Jesuit JD over Strake Jesuit CS (Clay Spence)

    Cypress Woods TJ def. Reagan CW (Christina Wiener) 4-1
    Strake Jesuit JD def. Dulles AK (Amyn Kassam) 2-1
    (yes, one debate had 5 judges and the other had 3… don’t ask)

    Cypress Woods TJ is aff (Ty Joplin) v Strake Jesuit JD (Jeremy Dang)

    Ty and Jeremy receive bids.


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    Doug meyers

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    go scarsdale!!!!!! huge congrats!!

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    yee doug meyers

  • Anonymous

    yee doug meyers

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    congrats Doug Meyers!

  • Guest

    Congrats Doug Meyers!

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    Scarsdale AD and ZE close out… 

  • Lexington High School has an Ent Meeting? Wow

  • Congrats to Adam Tomasi for reaching the bid round as a freshman!

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    Scarsdale AD, BF, ZE, and GR all picked up their bidrounds. Reppin the DALE!!!!!