Sarah Sachs Wins Stanford University Invitational

Palo Alto, CA—College Prep’s Sarah Sachs is the champion of the 2012 Stanford Invitational, having defeated Loyola’s Bob Overing in the final round.

Sarah is coached by Lexy Green, Becca Traber, Ben Clancy, Ben Holguin, and Sasha Arijanto; Bob is coached by Michael Overing, John Scoggin, James Zucker, Tim McHugh, Corbin Cass, Ashan Peiris, and Alex Zimmerman.



1 260-001 Loyola BO Torrey Pines KJ
2 260-001 Los Altos SB Loyola AB
1 260-002 College Prep SS Lynbrook KT Arid, Nadia P1
2 260-002 Lynbrook HS Peninsula HZ Bietz, Mike H1
1 EDUC 130 Mountain View MM Wenatchee CS Lawrence,Ryan LC
2 EDUC 130 College Prep PM Peninsula AT Lawrence,Ryan LC
1 EDUC 206 Kent Denver AW Loyola TP Moerner,DanielL7
2 EDUC 206 Loyola MH Brophy College Prep SR Moerner,DanielL7
1 EDUC 210 Brentwood ND St. Francis High Scho AV
2 EDUC 210 Monta Vista High Scho MJ Torrey Pines EL
1 EDUC 229 Bainbridge Island HB Lynbrook VJ Smith, Nick H6
2 EDUC 229 Brentwood JS Monta Vista High Scho SL
1 EDUC 230 Harker CM Los Altos AG Goyal, Kuhuk B7
2 EDUC 230 Mountain View NN Kent Denver SM Goyal, Kuhuk B7
1 EDUC 36 Harvard Westlake Uppe SH Palo Alto TC Krishnamurthi,T7
2 EDUC 36 Presentation SJ Harvard Westlake Uppe MO


CPS SS def. Monta Vista MJ (Michelle Jiang) 2-1 (Niemi, Moerner, Arid*)
Loyola BO def. Palo Alto TC (Travis Chen)

CPS SS (Aff) def. Loyola BO (Bob Overing) 2-1 (Empey, Niemi, *Lawrence)

Champion: College Prep School SS (Sarah Sachs)

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  • Dave McGinnis

    Congratulations, Sarah! 

  • Anonymous

    Major, major congrats to Colton Smith on qualifying to the TOC. That kid’s worked like crazy, and it’s definitely paid off.

    • seconded. congrats Colton! It has been great working with you, even if in such a minor capacity. Hard working and dedicated are understatements but what else can I say? you deserve it man. best of luck at the TOC. and if I can help in any way don’t hesitate to ask. like I said, working with you has been fantastic. 


    • Ill get in on this Carmelo love-fest. Colton has worked so hard and come so far the past year. His accomplishments are only magnified by the fact that he is coming from Wenatchee, WA with a poorly supported program and a location that makes travel difficult. This kid loves the game as much as anyone I know and its paying off.