Noah Star Wins 2012 TOC

LEXINGTON, KY—Elimination results are posted below.

Congratulations to Lexington’s Noah Star for defeating Loyola’s Bob Overing to win the 2012 Tournament of Champions. (Photo appears courtesy of Shaun Ring.)

Noah is coached by Sara Sanchez, Chris Palmer, Steven Adler, and Jeff Liu; he was also assisted throughout the tournament by Nick Watts, Jonathan Chavez, Jason Zhou and Catherine Tarsney. Bob is coached by Michael Overing, John Scoggin, Ashan Peiris, Alex Zimmermann, James Zucker, Corbin Cass, and Tim McHugh.

Harrison DD (aff) def Scarsdale SN (Sam Natbony) 2-1
Evanston EB (NEG) def Kent Denver SM (Sam Mathews) 3-0 (Brown, Parker, Cath. Tarsney)
Suncoast CB (aff) def Harvard-Westlake MC (Michelle Choi) 2-1 (Holguin, *L.Scoggin, Zhou)
Greenhill RK (aff) def Dulles AK (Amyn Kassam) 3-0

16. Suncoast CB (aff) def 1. PV DT (Daniel Tartakovsky) 3-0 (Parker, J.Scoggin, Smith)
2. Lexington NS (aff) def 18. Evanston EB (Erik Baker) 3-0 (Catterton, Parker, L.Scoggin)
3. Mountain View NN (NEG) def 14. Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)
4. Aliso Niguel RG def 13. Harrison DD (Danny DeBois) 3-0
5. Loyola-Blakefield TC (NEG) def 12. PV HZ (Henry Zhang) 3-0
11. Stuyvesant AE (aff) def 6. University MF (Michael Fried) 2-1 (Green, Pearce, *Wilson)
10. Greenhill FD def 7. New Orleans Jesuit JP (Jacob Pritt) 2-1
9. Loyola BO (NEG) def 8. Scarsdale GK (Geoffrey Kristof) 2-1 (Brown*, Zhang, Zhou)

4. Aliso Niguel RG (NEG) def 5. Loyola-Blakefield TC (Tom Cameron) 3-0 (Mandania, Niemi, J.Scoggin)
9. Loyola BO (aff) def 16. Suncoast CB (Carlton Bone) 2-1 (*Jennis, Zhang, Zhou)
2. Lexington NS (aff) def 10. Greenhill FD (Farhan Damani) 3-0 (Imas, Horowitz, Theis)
11. Stuyvesant AE (aff) def 3. Mountain View NN (Nikhil Nag) 3-0

2. Lexington NS (aff) def 11. Stuyvesant AE (Andre Eckholm) 3-0 (Imas, Lawrence, Parker)
9. Loyola BO (aff) def 4. Aliso Niguel RG (Regan Grishaber) 3-0 (Catterton, Niemi, Torson)

2. Lexington NS (NEG) def 9. Loyola BO (Bob Overing) 2-1 (Lawrence, *Rose, Torson)

Champion: Lexington NS (Noah Star)

Speaker Awards:
1. New Orleans Jesuit- Jacob Pritt

2. PV Peninsula- Daniel Tartakovsky

3. Lexington- Noah Star

4. Mountain View- Nikhil Nag

5. Aliso Niguel- Regan Grishaber

6. University- Josh Tupler

7. Scarsdale- Geoffrey Kristof

8. Loyola- Bob Overing

9. Greenhill- Farhan Damani

10. Stuyvesant- Andrew Eckholm

11. PV Peninsula- Henry Zhang

12. CPS- Sarah Sachs

13. Meadows- Ryan Fink

14. Harrison- Danny Debois

15. Loyola Blakefield- Tom Cameron

16. Byram Hills Sammi Cannold

17. Greenhill- Rebecca Kuang

18. Kent Denver- Sam Matthews

19. Suncoast- Carlton Bone

20. Strake Jesuit- Drew McCormick

The bracket:

NSD Update is reporting live from TOC with a spreadsheet to provide public access to records and results. The Google Doc can be found here:

A special thanks goes out to Mike Bietz and Ben Koh for helping create and format the spreadsheet.