Colton Smith Wins UPS–and a Bizarre Video Clip

TACOMA, WASH.—Elimination rounds are underway at the University of Puget Sound Invitational; the tournament is a semifinals bid in LD.

While waiting for elimination round results, watch this short clip of a round between Harvard-Westlake’s Aneri Amin and Central Valley’s Kyle Sessions:

Make sure to watch on high volume and/or with headphones; the microphone did not pick up sound well. An IEer barges into a round by asking if this is DI. When told that it is not, she proceeds to hover and ask a bunch of intrusive questions during Aneri Amin's 1NC---all on tape.

Bainbridge AT advances without debating
Bainbridge BB v Brentwood KAN (Heilman, Flores, Bergus)
Bainbridge HB v Snohomish SC (Zerbib-Berda, Mallon, Aguilar)
Brentwood AG advances without debating
Brentwood JS advances without debating
Brentwood ND advances without debating
Crescent Valley AE advances without debating
Eastside Catholic DH v Lakes JH (Skinner, Woehler, Davis)
Harvard-Westlake AA advances without debating
Harvard-Westlake AB v Gig Harbor AB (Niemi, Vora, Anderson)
Harvard-Westlake AS v Annie Wright AB (Pollard, Dorsey, Ohlmstead)
Harvard-Westlake MO advances without debating
Loyola AB advances without debating
Loyola JS v Bainbridge NV (Kimball, Blanchette, B. Hudgens)
Tahoma CD v Snohomish JB (Peiris, J. Hudgens, Nelson)
Wenatchee CS def. Sammamish LL 3-0 (Adler, Gans, Coyne)


Bainbridge AT def. Harvard-Westlake MO (Michael O’Krent)
Brentwood AG def. Lakes JH (Jay Howard)
Brentwood KAN def. Tahoma CD (Connor Durkin) 2-1 (*Mallon, Bergus, Heilman)
Wenatchee CS def. Harvard-Westlake AA (Aneri Amin)

Brentwood AG over Brentwood KAN (Kyle Allen-Niesen)
Wenatchee CS def. Bainbridge AT 2-1 (*Adler, Zerbib-Berda, Bergus)

Finals: Wenatchee CS def. Brentwood AG 2-1 (*Adler, Niemi, Gans)

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