The final two bids of the year have been awarded. Mountain Brook’s Alex Cordover and Wyatt Moorer have closed out this year’s Vestavia Hills Over the Mountain Classic, a finals bid to the TOC. Alex and Wyatt are coached by Jeff Roberts and Matt Wilson.


1) Jackson JR (neg) def. 8) La Jolla RP 3-0
2) Mountain Brook WM (neg) def. 7) New Orleans Jesuit ES 3-0
3) Durham Academy RB def 6) University BH 3-0
5) Mountain Brook AC (aff) def. 4) Isidore Newman MM 3-0

Mountain Brook AC (neg) def. Jackson JR (Jayasai Rajagopal) 3-0 (Jeff Liu, Ian Gunn, Kevin Sipe)
Mountain Brook WM (neg) def. Durham Academy RB (Raghav Bansal) 3-0 (Crawford Leavoy, Jennifer Chu, Regan Williams)

Mountain Brook AC (Alex Cordover) & Mountain Brook WM (Wyatt Moorer) close out.