Mountain Brook Closes Out Vestavia Hills Over the Mountain Classic

The final two bids of the year have been awarded. Mountain Brook’s Alex Cordover and Wyatt Moorer have closed out this year’s Vestavia Hills Over the Mountain Classic, a finals bid to the TOC. Alex and Wyatt are coached by Jeff Roberts and Matt Wilson.


1) Jackson JR (neg) def. 8) La Jolla RP 3-0
2) Mountain Brook WM (neg) def. 7) New Orleans Jesuit ES 3-0
3) Durham Academy RB def 6) University BH 3-0
5) Mountain Brook AC (aff) def. 4) Isidore Newman MM 3-0

Mountain Brook AC (neg) def. Jackson JR (Jayasai Rajagopal) 3-0 (Jeff Liu, Ian Gunn, Kevin Sipe)
Mountain Brook WM (neg) def. Durham Academy RB (Raghav Bansal) 3-0 (Crawford Leavoy, Jennifer Chu, Regan Williams)

Mountain Brook AC (Alex Cordover) & Mountain Brook WM (Wyatt Moorer) close out.

  • Quinn Olivarez

    this is probably only 3/4 relevant, but man chase budinger got robbed in the dunk contest last night.

    • I voted for Evans. The 2 ball dunk made the rest of the contest look superfluous.

    • for others who thought last night’s dunk contest was a huge disappointment all-around, here’s a real dunk contest for your enjoyment:

      • At least it wasn’t just a long Kia commercial this year.

    • Erik Baker

      A) Evans’ two ball dunk was sweet enough to make up for the rest of it (the malone one was cool too). It was essentially an even more raw version of the one that should have won it for JaVale McGee last year if everyone hadn’t already decided to vote for Blake beforehand.
      B) I dislike Lebron as much as any self-respecting Clevelander, but he really needs to get in the dunk contest one of these years. It didn’t interfere with Jordan getting a championship… He’s probably just worried he’ll choke again and will miss Andrew Bynum -style.

  • Go LJHS! Happy to see that y’all are keeping the program alive. 

  • Quarters:

    Mountain Brook WM (neg) def. New Orleans Jesuit ES
    Jackson JR def. Isidore Newman MM
    Durham Academy RB def University BH 
    Mountain Brook AC def. ?

    • Ram Prasad

      Jackson JR def. La Jolla RP- not Newman MM. I would now.

    • Ram Prasad

      Mountain Brook AC def. Isidore Newman MM