Mountain Brook Closes Out Vestavia Hills Over the Mountain Classic

The final two bids of the year have been awarded. Mountain Brook’s Alex Cordover and Wyatt Moorer have closed out this year’s Vestavia Hills Over the Mountain Classic, a finals bid to the TOC. Alex and Wyatt are coached by Jeff Roberts and Matt Wilson.


1) Jackson JR (neg) def. 8) La Jolla RP 3-0
2) Mountain Brook WM (neg) def. 7) New Orleans Jesuit ES 3-0
3) Durham Academy RB def 6) University BH 3-0
5) Mountain Brook AC (aff) def. 4) Isidore Newman MM 3-0

Mountain Brook AC (neg) def. Jackson JR (Jayasai Rajagopal) 3-0 (Jeff Liu, Ian Gunn, Kevin Sipe)
Mountain Brook WM (neg) def. Durham Academy RB (Raghav Bansal) 3-0 (Crawford Leavoy, Jennifer Chu, Regan Williams)

Mountain Brook AC (Alex Cordover) & Mountain Brook WM (Wyatt Moorer) close out.