NDCA Motions to Change Topic to March/April; Feedback Requested

The following message is from the NDCA, regarding its potential topic change decision:

We are asking members of the LD community, *especially if you plan on attending the 2012 NDCA Championships*, to email feedback in regards to the topic that should be debated at our tournament.

A motion was made by Serrano and seconded by Berthiaume for the NDCA Championships to use the March/April topic at our 2012 NDCA Championships tournament. The NDCA Board is in a 48-hour discussion window on this motion and is very much asking for feedback on what the coaches (and your students) would prefer to debate at the tournament.

Please feel free to email me (Tara Tate) or ANY of our Board members with your comments or feedback. The names and email addresses are listed below. We will start the voting process on this motion on Thursday afternoon so there is some need for expediency on making your voice heard. Any feedback will be shared the entirety of the Board.

Tara Tate – ttate@glenbrook225.org

Greg Achten – gregachten@gmail.com

Bill Batterman – billbatterman@gmail.com

Maggie Berthiaume – maggiekb@gmail.com

Glenda Ferguson – gferguson@coppellisd.com

Carol Green – debatespeak@gmail.com

Jenny Heidt – jennyheidt@gmail.com

Sara Sanchez – slcathena@gmail.com

Nicole Serrano – nicole.serrano@gmail.com

  • I, for one, hope they change the topic to targeted killing so that debaters can stop making callous, emotionally detached arguments about the suffering of domestic violence victims and start making callous, emotionally detached arguments about bombing rural villages in Afghanistan. 

    • I don’t think anyone has really offered a sufficient response to this argument or offered some kind of brightline for what would warrant changing the topic other than like “well it’s a lot and it’s realllly personal (for some vacuous reason)”

  • Anonymous

    Should the NDCA tournament, held in mid-April but a traditional user of Jan/Feb, change to the Mar/Apr topic for this year?
    Only if the TOC does (42%, 107 Votes)
    **No (39%, 99 Votes)**
    **Yes (19%, 46 Votes)**
    Total Voters: 252


    • Anonymous

      I agree that the polli is a useful piece of data. I think what the Board is looking for, though, is a more detailed account: how many of those who voted in the poll actually plan on attending NDCA? How many are coaches? What is their reasoning for their vote? Those are the kinds of questions that can help in advance of tomorrow’s vote.

      • Anonymous

        I mean, I’m not really sure what more you want. Do you want everyone who answered the poll to come here and comment about their reasoning/whether they’re a coach or not?
        I thought this issue had been put to rest when Larry went HAM on the earlier thread. The reaction was almost universally negative; I think Chris Palmer was the only one who supported topic change. It seems pretty evident that this would not be a popular move. What more needs to be said?
        Bottom line: Carlton was going to attend NDCA. If the topic changes, we might reconsider. Same could be said of Larry’s kids. I can’t speak for anyone else, but that’s at least five TOC-caliber debaters who might not attend if the topic is changed.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure why this is a question of what I want. The NDCA Board has requested more feedback, so apparently whatever’s been provided has been insufficient. If you wish to notify them of the debaters you can speak for, that’s great, and I’m sure they’d appreciate it. If you opt not to, that’s fine as well–I’m just trying to explain what info beyond the poll might be helpful.

    • Seems to me that this is a solid majority for changing the topic if the TOC does.