New Orleans Jesuit Closes Out The Crestian

New Orleans Jesuit's Jim Huang (L) and Jacob Pritt (R) hoisting their first place trophy at the 2012 Crestian

Congratulations to Jacob Pritt and Jim Huang of New Orleans Jesuit for closing out the Crestian, held at the Pine Crest Preparatory School this weekend. The Crestian is a quarterfinals bid to the TOC. Jacob and Jim are coached by Travis Smith and Justin Pearce.

Jesuit JP advances without debating
Jesuit JH advances without debating
Cypress Bay RS advances without debating
Lake Highland TL advances over Lake Highland AD (Amanda Drummond)
Benjamin Franklin WM def. Dreyfus School of the Arts EC (Elizabeth Chapman) 3-0
(Thorson, Ditzian, Jayaraman)
Durham Academy RB def. Lake Highland JA (Julian Alvarez) 3-0
(Wilson, Houston, Keshavarazi)
Stoneman Douglas LW def. Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu) 2-1
(Hassin, Eastlund, Larry Liu*)
University BH def. Stoneman Douglas NA (Natalie Atyeo) 2-1
(Martinez, Sigalow, Rojas*)
Cypress Bay JS def. Eastside JY (Jongwoo Yoo) 2-1
(Martinez, Sigalow, Rojas*)
Lake Highland SA def. Pine View LG (Leonard Giarrano) 2-1
(Kretschmer, Querido, Strawser*)
Coral Springs FA def. Pine View AB (Arjun Byju) 3-0
(Kretschmer, Querido, Strawser)
Suncoast CB def. Fort Lauderdale TT (Troy Thisler) 3-0
(Houston, Wilson, Hicks)
Stoneman Douglas EH def. Sarasota KF (Katie French) 3-0
(Larry Liu, Hassin, Eastlund)
Stoneman Douglas JG def. Fort Lauderdale IV (Ian Vicnansky) 2-1
(Guzman, Wilder, Jeff Liu*)
Jupiter AK def. Fort Lauderdale ES (Ethan Singer)
University BF def. Pine View AK (Alexandra Krongel)

Jupiter AK def. Cypress Bay RS (Robbie Steirn) 2-1
(Jeff Liu, Larry Liu, Wilson*)
Jesuit JH def. Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) 2-1
(Wilder, Rojas, Torsen*)
Stoneman Douglas JG def. Coral Springs FA (Feyaad Allie) 3-0
(Larry Liu, Sigalow, Wilson)
Suncoast CB def. Stoneman Douglas EH (Eli Hymson) 3-0
(Hassin, Wilder, Rojas)
Jesuit JP def. University BF (Brent Freed) 3-0
(Jayaraman, Guzman, Ditzian)
University BH def. Lake Highland SA (Sam Azbel) 2-1
(Querido, Strawser, Eastlund*)
Lake Highland TL def. Durham Academy RB (Raghav Bansal) 3-0
(Jeff Liu, Ditzian, Houston)
Benjamin Franklin WM def. Stoneman Douglas LW (Latrell Williams) 3-0

Suncoast CB def. Jupiter AK (Alec Kerrigan) 3-0
(Hassin, L Liu, Guzman)
Jesuit JH def. Stoneman Douglas JG (Jeffrey Greenberg)
Jesuit JP def. University BH (Brandon Hopen)
Lake Highland TL def. Ben Franklin WM (Will McGrew) 3-0
(J Liu, Jayaraman, Wilson)

Jesuit JP def. Lake Highland TL (Terrence Lonam) 3-0
(Houston, J Liu, Jayaraman)
Jesuit JH def. Suncoast CB (Carlton Bone) 3-0
(Wilson, Wilder, Sigalow)

Jesuit JP and Jesuit JH close out.