Jerry Chen Wins The Vassar Round Robin

Manhattan, NY–Congratulations to Lexington’s Jerry Chen for defeating Harrison’s Danny DeBois on a 4-3 decision to win the 10th Vassar Round Robin. Jerry is coached by Sara Sanchez and Chris Palmer; Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig.

Harrison DD def. West Des Moines Valley JS (Jason Smith)
Lexington JC def. Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler)

Lexington JC def. Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)

Champion: Lexington JC (Jerry Chen)

Top Speaker: Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)

  • Go Jerry, what a way to start the season! #TNT

  • Noah Thaler


  • Congrats to Awkward Turtle! #justicelab

  • Congrats Awkward Turtle! #justicelab

  • Congrats to Jerry- I’ve heard you’re awesome and with teammates like Adam and Paul how could you not be 😉
    Also congrats to the love of my life, Danny Debois, and my teammates Grady and Jason. And also Scarsdale because I love you guys.

  • Yeeee Jerry represent! #TNT

  • Allie


  • Noah Thaler

    Jeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy! #TNT

  • rkuang

    JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TNT <3

  • Yang Yi

    Go Jerry! #TNT