Andrew Eckholm Eclipses The Sunvitational

Congratulations to Stuyvesant’s Andrew Eckholm for defeating Millburn’s Yang Yi in the final round of The University School “Sunvitational”, a semis bid in LD (Andrew coached over his teammate Grant Weisberg in semifinals). Andrew and Grant are coached by Julie Sheinman and Craig Gilbert; Yang Yi is coached by Michael Hassin and Larry Liu.

Stuyvesant AE def. NCS RD (Robbie Dillard) 3-0 (JLiu Wilder Clemens)
Stuyvesant GW def. Lake Highland TL (Terrence Lonam) 2-1 (Abid, Hicks, Bloom*)
Millburn YY def. Strake CS (Clay Spence) 3-0 (Ditzian, Evnen, Rose)
Trinity Prep MP def. Stoneman Douglas JF (Joshua Feinzig) 2-1 (L.Liu, Sigalow, Renzi*)

Stuyvesant AE over Stuyvesant GW (Grant Weisberg)
Millburn YY (neg) def. Trinity Prep MP (Mathew Pregasen) 3-0 (Evnen, Sigalow, Wilder)

Stuyvesant AE (neg) def. Millburn YY (Yang Yi) 2-1 (Abid*, Evnen, Rose)

Champion: Stuyvesant AE (Andrew Eckholm)