Farhan Damani wins the 2012 Barkley Forum

Emory Barkley Forum finalists Geoffrey Kristoff and Farhan Damani.


ATLANTA, Georgia — Farhan Damani of the Greenhill School is the champion of the 2012 Emory University Barkley Forum for High School Students.

The final round featured Farhan and Geoffrey Kristoff of Scarsdale. Farhan, who affirmed, won on a 3-0 decision. Farhan is coached by Aaron Timmons, Neil Conrad, and Jake Nebel; Geoffrey is coached by Joe Vaughan, Perry Green, Oliver Roth and Eric Thurm.

The final round panel, per tradition, consisted of Barkley Forum Key coaches: Jon Cruz, Jane Boyd and Father Raymond Hahn.


Double Octofinals

Scarsdale GK def. Cathedral Prep BS (Ben Slomski)

Stuyvesant AE def. Lake Highland JA (Julian Alvarez)

Walt Whitman SF def. Vestavia Hills DS (Daniel Selman)

University JT def. Newark Science NR (Norberto Romero)

Bronx Science SS def. Suncoast CB (Carlton Bone)

Greenhill RK def. Byram Hills DD (Dani Dinstein)

Stuyvesant GW def. Mountain Brook WM (Wyatt Moorer)

Scarsdale AD def. Cypress Bay RS (Robbie Steirn)

Lexington PZ def. Apple Valley JG (John Granlund)

Starr’s Mill JN def. Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy)

Lake Highland TL def. Pflugerville EH (Ellen Hense)

Valley MN def. Mountain Brook AC (Alex Cordover)

Apple Valley LS def. Lexington AH (Adam Hoffman)

Loyola BO def. College Prep PM (Paige Mackenzie)

Greenhill FD def. CESJDS EL (Elana Leone)

Meadows EH def. Byram Hills SC (Sammi Cannold)



Scarsdale GK def. Meadows EH (Ed Hendrickson)

Greenhill FD def. Stuyvesant AE (Andrew Eckholm)

Walt Whitman SF def. Loyola BO (Bob Overing)

University JT def. Apple Valley LS (Luke Stuttgen)

Bronx Science SS def. Valley MN (Megan Nubel)

Lake Highland TL def. Greenhill RK (Rebecca Kuang)

Starr’s Mill JN def. Stuyvesant GW (Grant Weisberg)

Lexington PZ def. Scarsdale AD (Alon Daks)


Scarsdale GK def. Lexington PZ (Paul Zhou)

Greenhill FD def. Starr’s Mill JN (Jacob Nails)

Walt Whitman SF def. Lake Highland TL (Terrence Lonam)

University JT def. Bronx Science SS (Shai Szulanski)


Scarsdale GK def University JT (Josh Tupler)

Greenhill FD def. Walt Whitman SF (Stephanie Franklin)


Greenhill FD def. Scarsdale GK (Geoffrey Kristoff)


Greenhill FD (Farhan Damani)


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