Drew McCormick Wins VictoryBriefs

Finals of VBT: Regan Grishaber (Aliso Niguel RG) v. Andrew McCormick (Strake AM)

We’ll post full elim results and speaker awards once the final packet is up.

LOS ANGELES, CA.—Congratulations to Strake Jesuit’s Drew McCormick for defeating Aliso Niguel’s Regan Grishaber to win The VictoryBriefs Tournament (VBT). In addition, Drew was top seed and top speaker – the debate tournament version of winning the “triple crown”. Drew is coached by Jerry Christ, Chris Castillo, Daniel Imas, Todd Liipfert and Murvin Auzenne; Regan is coached by Jason Zhou.

Strake Jesuit College AM Advances without debating
PV Peninsula HZ Advances without debating
Walt Whitman JL Advances without debating
PV Peninsula DT Advances without debating
New Orleans Jesuit JP Advances without debating
Aliso Niguel RG Advances without debating
Apple Valley LS Advances without debating
College Prep SS Advances without debating
Monta Vista High Scho MJ Advances without debating
West Des Moines Valle MS Advances without debating
Lynbrook JU (Aff) defeated Strake Jesuit College JD
Loyola BO (Aff) defeated Bainbridge Island NV
Strake Jesuit College JH (Aff) defeated Bainbridge Island AT
Keller TF (Neg) defeated Harvard Westlake Uppe SH
Strake Jesuit College CS (Aff) defeated Torrey Pines KJ
Brentwood MS (Neg) defeated Walt Whitman DM
Brentwood ND (Neg) defeated Meadows EH
Harvard Westlake Uppe AS (Neg) defeated Palo Alto TC
Hockaday CC (Aff) defeated Torrey Pines EL
Tahoma CD (Aff) defeated Loyola MH
Loyola AB (Aff) defeated Winston Churchill AW
New Orleans Jesuit JH (Neg) defeated Harker MJ
Loyola Blakefield TC (Aff) defeated Harvard Westlake Uppe AB
College Prep PM (Aff) defeated Hockaday RB
Brentwood KA (Aff) defeated Harvard Westlake Uppe BG
Hockaday MC (Aff) defeated Meadows RF
Northland Christian RD (Neg) defeated Loyola TP
Hockaday AZ (Aff) defeated Harvard Westlake Uppe AK
Strake Jesuit College JA (Aff) defeated Apple Valley JG
Harvard Westlake Uppe MO (Aff) defeated Hockaday KQ
West Des Moines Valle MN (Aff) defeated Keller KS
Los Altos SB (Neg) defeated La Costa Canyon Indep BC

Strake Jesuit College AM (Aff) defeated Los Altos SB
PV Peninsula HZ (Neg) defeated West Des Moines Valle MN
Walt Whitman JL (Neg) defeated Harvard Westlake Uppe MO
PV Peninsula DT (Neg) defeated Strake Jesuit College JA
New Orleans Jesuit JP (Neg) defeated Hockaday AZ
Aliso Niguel RG (Neg) defeated Northland Christian RD
Apple Valley LS (Neg) defeated Hockaday MC
Brentwood KA (Aff) defeated College Prep SS
Monta Vista High Scho MJ (Neg) defeated College Prep PM
Loyola Blakefield TC (Neg) defeated West Des Moines Valle MS
New Orleans Jesuit JH (Neg) defeated Lynbrook JU
Loyola BO Advances Over Loyola AB
Strake Jesuit College JH (Neg) defeated Tahoma CD
Hockaday CC (Neg) defeated Keller TF
Strake Jesuit College CS (Aff) defeated Harvard Westlake Uppe AS
Brentwood ND Advances Over Brentwood MS

Strake AM (aff) def. Brentwood ND (Nalia Dharani) 3-0 (Brundage, Pearce, Pielstick)
Loyola BO (neg) def. Jesuit JP (Jacob Pritt) 2-1 (Brundage, *Castillo, Parker)
Strake CS (aff) def. PV Peninsula HZ (Henry Zhang) 2-1 (Babb, *McHugh, Melin)
Aliso Niguel RG (aff) def. Jesuit JH (Jim Huang) 3-0 (Lawrence, McGinnis, Theis)
Hockaday CC (neg) def. Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy) 3-0 (Castillo, McGinnis, Theis)
Apple Valley LS (neg) def. Loyola-Blakefield TC (Tom Cameron) 2-1 (Lawrence, Melin, *Scoggin)
Strake JH (aff) def. PV Peninsula DT (Daniel Tartakovsky) 2-1 (*Lawrence, Scoggin, Traber)
Brentwood KA (neg) def. Monte Vista MJ (Michelle Jiang) 2-1 (Imas, McHugh, *Traber)

Strake AM (aff) def. Brentwood KA 3-0 (Brundage, Pearce, Scoggin)
Strake CS (neg) def. Apple Valley LS (Luke Stuttgen) 3-0 (Babb, Melin, Torson)
Aliso Niguel RG (neg) def. Hockaday CC (Christine Chen) 3-0 (Castillo, Imas, Traber)
Loyola BO (neg) def . Strake JH (John Heizelman) 2-1 (*Norris, Theis, Zerbib-Berda)

Strake AM (aff) def. Loyola BO (Bob Overing) 2-1 (*Brundage, Theis, Zerbib-Berda)
Aliso Niguel RG (aff) def. Strake CS (Clay Spence) 2-1 (Torson, *Traber, Scoggin)

Strake AM (neg) def. Aliso Niguel RG (Regan Grishaber) 2-1 (Torson, Traber *Scoggin)

Champion: Strake AM (Andrew McCormick)