2011-2012 Bid List

NSDupdate brings you the 2011-2012 bid list. Below is a list of students and where they earned their bids, as well as a section that tallies by school.

11 Bids
Bob Overing- Loyola (Greenhill, Harker, Meadows, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Alta, Blake, VBT, Emory, Golden Desert, Stanford)

7 Bids
John Heizelman- Strake Jesuit (Grapevine, Greenhill, Bronx Science, Walt Whitman, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, VBT)
Jim Huang- Jesuit (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Walt Whitman, Apple Valley, Isidore Newman, Crestian, VBT)
Josh Tupler- University (Greenhill, Valley, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Dowling Catholic, Emory)
Andrew Eckholm- Stuyvesant (Yale, Bronx Science, Walt Whitman, Hendrick Hudson, Ridge, University, Emory)

6 Bids
Daniel Tartakovsky- PV Peninsula (Greenhill, Bronx Science, USC, Glenbrooks, CPS, VBT)
Jacob Pritt- Jesuit (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Crestian, VBT)
Grant Weisberg- Stuyvesant (Walt Whitman, Hendrick Hudson, Ridge, University, Lexington, Emory)8

5 Bids
Michael Fried- University (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Dowling Catholic)
Drew McCormick- Strake Jesuit (Grapevine, Greenhill, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, VBT)
Clay Spence- Strake Jesuit (Grapevine, Greenhill, Bronx Science, Glenbrooks, VBT)
Regan Grishaber- Aliso Nigeul (Harker, Bronx Science, Meadows, Lexington, VBT)
Geoffrey Kristof- Scarsdale (Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Blake, Emory)
Rebecca Kuang- Greenhill (Grapevine, Meadows, Apple Valley, Emory, Colleyville)
Nikhil Nag- Mountain View (Greenhill, Valley, Meadows, CPS, Stanford)

4 Bids
Yang Yi- Millburn (Bronx Science, Princeton, University, Lexington)
Jeremy Dang – Strake Jesuit (Grapevine, St. Marks, UT, Winston Churchill)
Tom Cameron- Loyola Blakefield (Yale, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, VBT)
Henry Zhang- PV Peninsula (Greenhill, Bronx Science, USC, VBT)
Ed Hendrickson-Meadows (Valley. St. Mark’s, Blake, Emory)
Luke Stuttgen- Apple Valley (Valley, St. Mark’s, VBT, Emory)
Farhan Damani- Greenhill (Grapevine. Meadows, Glenbrooks, Emory)
Stephanie Franklin- Walt Whitman (Greenhill, Apple Valley, Glenbrooks, Emory)
Michael Harris- Loyola (Harker, Desert Vista, Alta, Stanford)
Michelle Jiang- Monta Vista (Cupertino) (Valley, Alta, VBT, Stanford)

3 Bids
Richard Shmikler- St. Louis Park (Valley, St. Mark’s, Iowa Caucus)
Josh Feinzig- Stoneman Douglas (Greenhill, Yale, Glenbrooks)
Noah Star- Lexington (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Glenbrooks)
Michelle Choi- Harvard Westlake (Greenhill, Bronx Science, Blake)
Annie Zhu- Hockaday (Apple Valley, Blake, Lexington)
Alex Teiche- Bainbridge Island (Whitman, UPS, Federal Way)
Carlton Bone- Suncoast Community (Valley, Glenbrooks, Crestian)
William McGrew- Benjamin Franklin (St. James, Isidore Newman, Crestian)
Moses Sloven- West Des Moines Valley (Yale, Iowa Caucus, Omaha Westside)
Danny DeBois- Harrison (Apple Valley, Hendrick Hudson, Columbia)
Kyle Allen-Niesen (UPS, VBT, Golden Desert)
Tom Placido- Loyola (Meadows, Alta, Stanford)
Adam Bistagne- Loyola (St. Mark’s, VBT, Stanford)
Sarah Sachs- College Prep (St. Mark’s, Meadows, Stanford)
Travis Chen- Palo Alto (St. Mark’s, Alta, Stanford)

2 Bids
Robbie Dillard- Northland Christian (Greenhill, St. Mark’s)
Brian Hodge- Cypress Falls (Houston-Memorial, St. Mark’s)
Chase Hamilton- Flower Mound (Yale, St. Mark’s)
Leah Shapiro- St. Louis Park (Valley, Iowa Caucus)
Juliet Nelson- Blake (St. Mark’s, Apple Valley)
Elana Leone- CESJDS (Bronx Science, Apple Valley)
Christian Morris- Lake Highland (Valley, Apple Valley)
Brendan Gallagher- Harvard Westlake (Meadows, USC)
Erwin Li- Torrey Pines (Valley, USC)
Eric Han- Stuyvesant (Yale, Hendrick Hudson)
Erik Baker- Evanston (Valley, Glenbrooks)
Mollie Cowger- Hockaday (Valley, Glenbrooks)
Paige Mackenzie- College Prep (St. Mark’s, Glenbrooks)
Alex Wissman- Kent Denver (Valley, Alta)
Matt Zavislan- George Washington (Valley, Alta)
Tillman Huett- Pflugerville (St. Mark’s, UT)
Joseph Millman- Carpe Diem (Yale, Princeton)
Grant Laverty- Ankeny (Valley, Dowling Catholic)
Katherine Qiu- Hockaday (Valley, Dowling Catholic)
Andrew Glantz- Brentwood (CPS, UPS)
Grant Reiter- Scarsdale (Yale, Lexington)
Ty Joplin- Cypress Woods (St. Mark’s, Winston Churchill)
Sam Natbony- Scarsdale (Walt Whitman, Columbia)
Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman (Blake, VBT)
Alon Daks- Scarsdale (Lexington, Emory)
Megan Nubel- Valley (Blake, Emory)
Jacob Nails- Starr’s Mill (St. James, Emory)
Terrence Lonam- Lake Highland (Crestian, Emory)
Larry Millstein- Scarsdale (Columbia, Newark)
Annie Kors- Harvard Westlake (Blake, Golden Desert)
Sam Matthews- Kent Denver (Blake, Golden Desert)
Colton Smith- Wenatchee (UPS, Stanford)
Sammi Cannold- Byram Hills (Columbia, Scarsdale)

1 Bid
Eddie Kelinsky- Loyola (Wake Forest)
Michael Moorin- duPont Manuel (Wake Forest)
Charlie Laswell- Hunter College (Yale)
Kimberly Tan- Lynbrook (Harker)
Rodrigo Paramo- Reagan (Houston-Memorial)
Steffen Seitz- Strake Jesuit (St. Mark’s)
Haziq Siddiqi- Lynbrook (St. Mark’s)
Jon Langel- West Des Moines Valley (Iowa Caucus)
Michael O’Krent- Harvard Westlake (Meadows)
Robbie Steirn- Cypress Bay (Blue Key)
Natalie Atyeo- Stoneman Douglas (Blue Key)
Haley Brandt-Erichsen- Bainbridge Island (Whitman)
Alexander Erwig- Crescent Valley (Whitman)
Saleil Bhat- Los Altos (Apple Valley)
Aneri Amin- Harvard Westlake (USC)
Ally Brabant- Harrison (Hendrick Hudson)
Connor Durkin- Tahoma (Alta)
Mark Gorthey- Westlake (UT)
Travis Fife- Keller (UT)
Alex Cordover- Mountain Brook (Ohio Valley)
Haley Siddall- Mountain Brook (Ohio Valley)
Jack Seigel- Parkway West (Ohio Valley)
Ben Swanson- Henry Clay (Ohio Valley)
Jayasai Rajagopal- Jackson (Ohio Valley)
Jerry Chen- Lexington (Ridge)
Max McCArthy- Mountain View (CPS)
Almog Gavra- Los Altos (CPS)
Matthew Pregasen- Trinity Prep (University)
Raghav Bansal- Durham Academy (Myers Park)
Angela Wang- Northwest Guilford (Myers Park)
Zach Edelman- Scarsdale (Lexington)
Benjamin Fife- Scarsdale (Lexington)
Derek Holliday- Eastside Catholic (Federal Way)
Brandon Hopen- University (Crestian)
Jeffrey Greenberg- Stoneman Douglas (Crestian)
Alec Kerrigan- Jupiter (Crestian)
Lucy Korsakov- West Des Moines Valley (Omaha Westside)
Christine Chen- Hockaday (VBT)
Paul Zhou- Lexington (Emory)
Shai Szulanski- Bronx Science (Emory)
Tyler Morris- Bronx Science (Newark)
Amyn Kassam- Dulles (Colleyville)
Adam Hoffman- Lexington (Scarsdale)

1. Loyola (Bob Overing, Michael Harris, Eddie Kelinsky, Adam Bistagne, Tom Placido) (22)
1. Strake Jesuit (Drew McCormick, John Heizelman, Clay Spence, Jeremy Dang, Steffen Seitz) (22)
3. Scarsdale (Geoffrey Kristof, Grant Reiter, Sam Natbony, Alon Daks, Benjamin Fife, Zachary Edelman, Larry Millstein) (15)
3. Stuyvesant (Andrew Eckholm, Eric Han, Grant Weisberg) (15)
5. Jesuit (Jim Huang, Jacob Pritt) (13)
5. University (Josh Tupler, Michael Fried, Brandon Hopen) (13)
7. PV Peninsula (Henry Zhang, Daniel Tartakovsky) (10)
8. Greenhill (Farhan Damani, Rebecca Kuang) (9)
8. Harvard Westlake (Michelle Choi, Brendan Gallagher, Michael O’Krent, Aneri Amin, Annie Kors) (9)
10. Hockaday (Mollie Cowger, Kathy Qiu, Annie Zhu) (8)
10. Mountain View/ Los Altos (Nikhil Nag, Saleil Bhat, Almog Gavra, Max McCarthy) (8)
12. Valley (Moses Sloven, Jon Langel, Lucy Korsakov, Megan Nubel (7)

  • this is updated through Vestavia: http://cis.uky.edu/debate/LDqualifiers

  • Would a bid and three bid rounds be enough to get an at large?

    • It depends on where your bid was from, how far you got at that tournament, where your bid rounds were, how many tournaments you went to, how you did at other tournaments (TOC bid tournaments as well as big regional tournaments, NFL qualifiers, etc.), who you know, who will put in a good word for you to the Advisory Committee, whether you’ve pissed anyone off, etc. 1 bid and 3 bid rounds is probably about average for at-large applicants, at least in my experience.

  • So I know Adler currently holds the record for most bids, but I was wondering what the record for most bids held by a team in a single year is? Just one of those stupid debate fanboy questions

    • Team Adler with 13

    • Anonymous

      I’m really not sure, but my guess would be the 2010 Whitman team that qualified 10 kids plus Karlyn. If not them, then maybe Scarsdale the year it qualified nine kids.

  • Anonymous

    Ankeny is misspelled in the list above

  • Hi all,

    I’ve created a survey to figure out what people think about various judging principles, debate practices, and aspects of debate today. I posted it on the VB website, but here is the survey directly: http://tinyurl.com/7m9teha. 


  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the basis under which they decide how many at larges will be given? 

    • It’s based on how many fully qualify. If I remember correctly, they try to keep the total field around 75 (someone should correct me if I’m wrong).

      • I think in the last couple of years the field has gone up to around 80. I remember during my junior year there was speculation that no one would receive an at-large because the field was already at 75ish debaters, but they ended up giving 7 or 8 at-larges anyways (and that seems to be a fairly standard number from year to year).

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, it’s usually been a bit over 75. Although it’s worth noting that they only gave two at-larges initially–others were handed out from the waitlist as competitors dropped. So there’s still hope even if a debater doesn’t get a first-wave one.

  • i go to the same school as fried and tupler

    • Anonymous

      my bad. will fix

  • Anonymous

    Any chance of bringing back the picture of Cuba Gooding that was originally associated with this thread?  Or at least getting a new Cuba Gooding picture?

    • Rebar Niemi


      I’d like to see Cuba Gooding Jr. in one of his more dramatic roles. 

      • Anonymous

        Something from Men of Honor or Boyz n the Hood would be great.  I’d settle for Chill Factor.

        • Anonymous


  • *Alec Kerrigan with a c

  • Martin Sigalow

    Terrence only has 1 bid. He lost in the bid round of Sunvite.

  • Anonymous

    Just an addition, but Juliet Nelson from Blake has two bids.  thanks Shane

  • (My last name is spelled Brandt-Erichsen, not Brandt Erichson)

  • Rebar Niemi

    BEN KOH IS BOSS. so boss. someday you’ll be at the head of the list, not just compiling it.

  • John Scoggin

    Bid list should be current as of GBN. A big thank you to Ben Koh of Loyola high school in Los Angeles for doing all of the work to compile the list!

  • yo jared, i’m really happy for ty – imma let you finish – but my labbies from MPMI (massey, parker, mcginnis, imas) are having some of the best performances of all time. OF ALL TIME. keep up the good work y’all. 

  • Figured it’d be a good idea to start a running list of debaters who are on the cusp of qualifying (have 1 bid).

    Ty Joplin- Cypress Woods (St. Marks)

    • Jared,

      Thank you for taking initiative. We actually do have this list post-Bronx/Mark’s available here: http://nsdupdate.com/2011/1047/. The most recent post on this page did not update properly (some data were accidentally omitted), but everything should be updated and corrected in the coming days. We will also be unveiling a feature that highlights the newest debaters to qual, so that changes to the list are more transparent.