Play Dodgeball at The Glenbrooks

Larry Liu calls his shot in Round Two of the Glenbrooks Dodgeball Invitational.

It’s not too late to register for the fourth-annual Glenbrooks charity dodgeball tournament! The single-elimination tournament will be held on Saturday evening after the last round of the day—round 4—and the competition will be held at Glenbrook South, which is hosting LD this year. Email to register. 100% of the proceeds will go to two debate not-for-profits, and over the past two years, your participation has helped the LD community raise over $1000 for The Voices Foundation, I hope we can top that number this year!

The tournament will follow the same rules as last year: A team shall be comprised of five individuals. Coaches are encouraged to play. Hybrid teams are also welcome, so if you’re coming alone, use this thread to form a team.

Here, NSD Update chronicles the rise (and fall) of one mighty dodgeball force—the team of Jordan Lamothe, Pat Donovan, Eric Thurm, Josh Roberts, and Larry Liu—and one collection of old-timers—the team of Wade Houston, Mike Spirtos, Kevin Roberts, Ari Parker, and Cole Oliver. Team LD was vanquished in a (perhaps rigged) final round, but its memory will be forever memorialized below.

Team LD Round One

Team LD Round Two

Team LD Round Three

Team LD Round Four

Team LD Round Five

Team LD Semifinals

Team LD Finals

Team KRob