Richard Shmikler Wins The Dowling Catholic Paradigm

Des Moines, IA – Congratulations to Richard Shmikler of St. Louis Park for defeating Eli Hymson of Stoneman Douglas to win the 2012 Dowling Catholic Paradigm! Richard is coached by Charles McClung, Christian Tarsney, Graham Tierney, and Geoffrey Kristof. Eli is coached by Ryan Cole.

Partial Doubles
University DB def. Hopkins MB (Mia Berman) 3-0 (Tripathy, Sloven, Gerleman)
Lake Highland Prep SA def. Ankeny Centennial NS (Natasha Stewart) 3-0 (Shew, Evnen, Maude)
Barrington IY def. University CB (Cole Bianco) 3-0 (Agrawal, Tisher, Jennis)
Valley GS def. Eagan RL (Ryan Lowder) 2-1 (Smith, Sutter, *McClung)
Valley NL def. Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald) 3-0 (Nelson, Bartlett, Rankin)

St. Louis Park RS def. Valley NL (Nanticha Lutt) 3-0 (Maude, Nelson, Roth)
Lake Highland Prep TL def. Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti) 3-0 (Maude, Rankin, Nelson)
University SJ def. Lake Highland Prep SA (Sam Azbel) 2-1 (McClung, Jennis, *Sloven)
Valley LK def. Barrington IY (Ingrid Yin) 3-0 (McClung, Jennis, Sutter)
Bettendorf TA def. University DB (David Branse) 2-1 (Tripathy, Gerleman, *Tisher)
Stoneman Douglas EH def. Ankeny GL (Grant Laverty) 3-0 (Tripathy, Gerleman, Tisher)
Valley MN def. Lake Highland Prep NN (Nikhil Nandu) 2-1 (Sutter, Evnen, *Rankin)
Okoboji JA def. Lake Highland Prep JA (Julian Alvarez) 2-1 (Sloven, McGinnis, *Evnen)

St. Louis Park RS def. Okoboji JA (Jack Ave) 2-1 (Affleck, Evnen, *Gerleman)
Lake Highland Prep TL def. Valley MN (Megan Nubel) 2-1 (Nelson, Sutter, *Rankin)
Stoneman Douglas EH def. University SJ (Saahil Jain) 3-0 (McClung, Tisher, Krell)
Valley LK def. Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey) 3-0 (Agrawal, Clemens, Maude)

St. Louis Park RS def. Valley LK (Lucy Korsakov) 3-0 (Sutter, Nelson, Maude)
Stoneman Douglas EH def. Lake Highland Prep TL (Terrence Lonam) 3-0 (Evnen, Agrawal, McClung)

St. Louis Park RS def. Stoneman Douglas EH (Eli Hymson) 2-1 (Nelson, Gerleman, *Agrawal)

St. Louis Park RS (Richard Shmikler)