NEW YORK, NY—Sammi Cannold of Byram Hills is the champion of the 2012 Columbia University Invitational, having defeated Scarsdale’s Larry Milstein in the final round (Larry coached over his teammate Sam Natbony in semifinals). The tournament is a semis-bid in LD. Sammi is coached by Dottie Dougherty, Abdul Beretay, and Maddy Stein; Larry and Sam are coached by Joe Vaughan, Perry Green, Oliver Roth and Eric Thurm.

Complete results are forthcoming.



Harrison DD def. Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler)
Scarsdale LM def. Stuyvesant SH (Samantha Hom)
Scarsdale SN def. Byram Hills DD (Dani Dinstein)
Byram Hills SC def. Fordham Prep DJ (David Joannides)

Byram Hills SC def. Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)
Scarsdale LM over Scarsdale SN (Sam Natbony)

Byram Hills SC def. Scarsdale LM (Larry Milstein)

Byram Hills SC (Sammi Cannold)