Sarah Sachs Wins Hockaday Women’s Round Robin

DALLAS, TX.—Sarah Sachs of College Prep is the champion of this year’s iteration of the Hockaday Women’s Round Robin. The event had previously been held under former Hockaday coach Stacy Thomas and Daryn Paciotti, but it took a hiatus in recent years. Now, it looks poised to return as a fixture once more.

Sarah defeated Walt Whitman’s Stephanie Franklin in the final round on a 3-2 decision (J. Melin, Ray, Tarsney, *V. Ho, *student vote). Sarah affirmed in the final round. Congratulations to both debaters!

Sarah is coached by Lexy Green, Becca Traber, Ben Clancy, Ben Holguin, and Sasha Arijanto; Stephanie is coached by Ari Parker, Eric Palmer, Emily Massey and Charles Chy.

College Prep SS def. Hockaday AZ (Annie Zhu)
3-0 (V. Ho, Gorski, Noble)

Walt Whitman SF def. Blake JN (Juliet Nelson)
3-0 (Boyer, Enthoven, J. Melin)

College Prep SS def. Walt Whitman SF (Stephanie Franklin)
3-2—(Ray, J. Melin, Tarsney, *V. Ho, *student vote)

College Prep SS (Sarah Sachs)

The complete field:

Sammi Cannold Byram Hills, NY
Christine Chen Hockaday, TX
Michelle Choi Harvard Westlake, CA
Mollie Cowger Hockaday, TX
Naila Dharani Brentwood, CA
Stephanie Franklin Walt Whitman, MD
Annie Kors Harvard Westlake, CA
Rebecca Kuang Greenhill, TX
Savannah Kumar Anderson, TX
Elana Leone Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, MD
Jessica Levy Walt Whitman, MD
Juliet Nelson Blake, MN
Kathy Qiu Hockaday, TX
Sarah Sachs College Prep, CA
Leah Shapiro St. Louis Park, MN
Annie Zhu Hockaday, TX