Grapevine, TX–Congratulations to Pflugerville’s Tillman Huett for defeating Flower Mound’s Matt Gmitro to win Grapevine. Tillman is coached by Martin Sigalow, Zac Calhoun, and Elizabeth Waldrop; Matt is coached by Oliver Gappmayer, Jon Rhodes, and Eric Mears.

Special thanks to Jared Woods for providing live coverage.

Doubles results and panel splits:

Pflugerville TH def. Reagan RP (Rodrigo Paramo)
Cypress Woods GJ def. Reagan CW (Christina Wiener)
Flower Mound MG def. Kinkaid JL (John Lewis)
Strake JD def. Cypress Ridge YA (Yasmin Alaoui)
Strake SS def. Hockaday KQ (Kathy Qiu)
Cypress Woods XX def. Kinkaid TG (Tyler Gamble)
Churchill AW def. Hockaday CC (Catherine Chen)
Greenhill BW def. Northland ML (Morgan Lawson)

Pflugerville TH def. Greenhill BW (Brian Wiora)
Cypress Woods GJ def. Churchill AW (Allie Woodhouse)
Flower Mound MG def. Cypress Woods XX (Xixiang Xiong)
Strake JD over Strake SS (Steffen Seitz) – ghost bid

Semis (bid):
Flower Mound MG def. Cypress Woods GJ (Grant James) 3-0
Pflugerville TH def. Strake JD (Jeremy Dang) 3-0

Pflugerville TH def. Flower Mound MG (Matt Gmitro)

Champion: Pflugerville TH (Tillman Huett)