TOC Announces 2012-13 Bid Levels


To facilitate the discussion of bid distribution, here is a graphic. Octos bids are in red; quarters bids are in green; semis bids are blue; and finals bids are yellow.


AUTOMATIC QUALIFIER- Octafinals at the 2012 TOC

The following LD debate tournaments are OCTAFINAL qualifiers for 2012-2013:

Apple Valley (MN)
Berkeley (CA)
Bronx Science (NY)
Glenbrooks (IL)
Greenhill (TX)
Harvard (MA)
St. Mark’s (TX)
Valley (IA)
Victory Briefs (Archer) (CA)
The following LD debate tournaments are QUARTERFINAL qualifiers for 2012-2013:

Alta (UT)
Blake (MN)
Crestian (Pine Crest) (FL)
Emory (GA)
Lexington (MA)
Meadows (NV)
Stanford (CA)
Sunvitational (University School) (FL)
Yale (CT)
The following LD debate tournaments are SEMIFINALS qualifiers for 2012-2013:

College Prep (CA)
Dowling Catholic (IA)
Golden Desert (NV)
Grapevine (TX)
Hendrick Hudson (NY)
Iowa Caucus (IA)
Isidore Newman (LA)
Ohio Valley (KY)
Presentation HS (CA)
Princeton (NJ)
University of Puget Sound (WA)
University of Southern California (CA)
Walt Whitman (MD)
The following LD debate tournaments are FINALS qualifiers for 2012-2013:

Brophy Prep (AZ)
Colleyville Heritage (TX)
Columbia (NY)
Federal Way (WA)
Houston-Memorial (TX)
Myers Park (NC)
Newark (NJ)
Omaha Westside (NE)
Ridge (NJ)
Saint James (AL)
Scarsdale (NY)
Vestavia Hills (AL)
Wake Forest (NC)
Whitman (WA)
Winston Churchill (TX)
The following tournaments/awards are INELIGIBLE as qualifiers:
-Any round-robin, summer institute, NFL, CFL, or state championship tournaments (even if conducted or hosted by schools/colleges/universities which host TOC-approved tournaments)
-Any speaker award at any tournament (even if earned at TOC-approved tournaments)
-Any tournament not on this approved tournament list unless added by the TOC Tournament Director.